I feel the music business is a whole different ball game today compared to when I was born. Technology has helped and has made things difficult for artists. There are many pros and cons. Overall, I have a passion for music. There are pitfalls in every business. Although it is a tough business, if you have the drive and passion, it makes it all worth the while. – @MeliaFansUSA

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MELIA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I feel the music business is a whole different ball
game today compared to when I was born. Technology has helped and has made things difficult for artists. There are many pros and cons. Overall, I have a passion for music. There are pitfalls in every business. Although it is a tough business, if you have the drive and passion, it makes it all worth the while.

The pros I’ve experienced are the unbelievable feelings and highs I get.

I’ve always said I feel myself on stage. I feel on top of the world. I love the feeling of shows and getting the crowd going just as much as playing. I love the feeling I get when I’m recording and everything that started in my head comes to life. It’s beautiful. It’s truly why I do what I do. I also love all the people and fans I get to meet and connect with. I’m a very shy person. And it’s really helped me come out of my shell.

The cons is of course are financially.
Music is incredibly expensive to make the right way. It’s also incredibly hard to sell because of the free streaming and Internet. It’s also incredibly expensive to tour, and for solo artists such as myself – to pay my band. I have to invest a lot to go after my dream. But again, the passion, the shows the music makes it all the worth while. All hard work pays off.

I really love the idea of an album.
I grew up in the transition between albums and singles. My first and most influential experiences with music were with entire albums. Some were concept albums. That could never happen to day unless I pre plan all the singles over a course of many years. They all have a story and kind of a relationship to each other & time periods when they are chosen for records. So I prefer an album emotionally and artistically, but from a business standpoint I understand how singles in today’s music business would be smarter, more affordable, and keep everyone wanting more.

I love that I can connect more easily and quickly to people
from all over the world that I’d otherwise most likely not meet or connect with. So many different countries and backgrounds. Like I had mentioned earlier it’s expensive to travel and tour so with social media you can connect easier, promote & people can find your product quicker. However, I don’t feel relying on social media is an option. You have to still play out as much as possible.

Kurt Cobain 

I connected so deeply with Nirvana as a band of course but I felt a really deep connection with him as an individual. He was very blatantly honest, real, unique and authentic. He had very real and similar issues and really helped me not feel so alone. I was an outcast and had intense feelings of rage , rejection , depression, anxiety etc. I connected with his anger, sarcasm, lyrics & music. Many bands like Green Day and My Chemical Romance, Smashing Pumpkins did that also so I can’t discredit them but I never got to see a live show. If I could ever bring him back and talk with him it would be amazing to me. I always felt this strong connection to his voice his music, personality and his attitude.


I think the emphasis depends
on who I’mworking with. Everyone has different tastes and views. I really believe my producers have been really great in allowing me to be unique and allowing my older influences to come through my style. I think it’s important to have producers that do that while also keeping it current. However I think it’s important to also keep it refreshing and unique. I personally don’t believe in making the same song over and over. I like to believe I develop as an artist over time. I also listen to many genres and enjoy them. I think to be new and fresh you have to be versatile.

“Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide” – D.W. Winnicott

I stumbled on this quote within the last couple years. I really connected to it. I feel like many artists including the many that I looked up to might too. I feel it really defines me. I use music as my outlet to communicate my emotions while otherwise being very reserved in person.

I’ve always sang, written lyrics and have had a big interest in music since I can remember.
I started with band and chorus but soon quit in middle school due to shyness and bullying. However the connection and passion for music didn’t stop. Soon after , I got introduced to rock & punk music. I listened to Green Day and the rest is history. I went to their concert and they had someone come up and play guitar and I turned to my mom and said I’m going to be on stage with them next time. After begging for my parents to get me guitar lessons for two years, they finally signed me up at the age of 16. Fun fact: Two years later , at my second Green Day concert, sure enough I was pulled on stage to play guitar on my favorite song off their American Idiot Album “Jesus of Suburbia” ! I had made a sign “pick a girl” and after I had finished Billie Joe said I was one of the best guitar players they had up there. It still is the best day of my life!

Deep Waters

There is no official video yet; all I have is a live performance (not great quality)

It’s really just me venting my feelings about feeling unsure of the future.
It’s really how I dealt with my anxiety in harder times. Following my dreams and all the ups and downs that come a long with that including criticism by people that feel it’s a bad path or going to be a failure. Not to say that it’s sad and dark ! I’ve had an amazing time and don’t regret a thing. It’s how I keep faith and talk to God and trust the unknown during any of the times I feel unsure or frustrated. And keeping faith that no matter what I will be okay. That everything happens for a reason and that everyone has their own unique path. I’m doing what I love and that in itself is a blessing.

It was written melodically first.

I had the chorus and then quickly gathered my pre choruses and verses together. The lyrics began separately. I came up with the hook deep waters and really wrote around that. I had bits and pieces written down like “The sea salt on my lips” and “The deck is now flooded.” As many of my songs, it took a life of its own.

My single “Deep Waters” and my EP Skeletal Remains
is very versatile musically, lyrically and emotionally. I have many influences old and new. I have many styles of writing lyrically. I love story telling but I also love writing personal songs or tying the two together. I hope to accomplish a connection lyrically and musically. I know how influential it was on me growing up and still through tough times. I hope to do that to people. That’s what music is about. How it makes you feel. How it gives you goosebumps. How you connect to the human feelings we all have. How its therapeutic, makes you feel good or sends a message.

I live in Rochester, NY.
The music scene has an incredible amount of talent and all different styles.

Waterstreet Music Hall
is my favorite place to play and go for shows. It’s always been the foundation and support for the local music scene.

Currently, besides music, I really love to go to the gym.
I also love fashion and trying to be unique. It’s fun to be creative in my look as well.

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