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I feel like the music business is important. I’m trying to learn it right now as I go. I listen, take advice, and learn from my mistakes. You gotta know how it works if you want to stay in it for the long run. Sometimes it can seem like the life but then there will be times when its not. – @Chino_tb3

Live interview
Episode #351 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW CHINO
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Chino (Hiphop, Rap, R&B)

I feel like the music business is important
I’m trying to learn it right now as I go. Listen take advice, and learn from my mistakes. You gotta know how it works if you want to stay in it for the long run. Sometimes it can seem like the life but then there will be times when its not.

The pros I have experience with my music watch numbner
one I was selected for this interview and more of my peers friends I used to hang out are hearing my music. I would run into friends I haven’t seen since highschool and they would compliment me on the track that feels good it gives me confidence. The cons is that I haven’t reached a level where labels would want to sign me so when I’m going out trying to do a performance im paying the promoter for a slot instead of them paying me to perform so I haven’t financially benefited from my music.

I like releasing singles first because then it helps build the hype
and anticipation of the album but now I feel like people are getting more platinum singles than albums so seems like today people are more interested in the singles right now. I personally to release a couple single before the album. This track is actually one of my singles on my current project nothing to lose that will be released at the august.

I don’t put my business on it but I do like Social media
it helps you market your music more and in many different form so you can get ur track to crowds of people at once especially if you have a big following. Also many artists are even being discovered on the internet.

Jay Z, because he came from a project development like me.
I would to hear what motivated him to keep going also I would want advice on my track. I admire this person because he grew up in ghetto where it really hard to get out and not fall into that lifestyle and to make it wear he’s at today I believe no normal man can do that. That takes dedication n tons of hard work and no sleep, lol.

Yes, and no although it is essential to please your fan base I believe you should always have your own style.

Being with the current trend allows u to stay afloat in the music business especially for artist
just coming out or just beginning to blow up. You gotta keep you fans happy because they are very important towards your success.

Dream Chasing you all niggas walking behind wishes without working for it not often you find richesjada kiss.

I have always loved music it helps me relax in get into my own world
when I was a kid I used to get on punishment a lot so I wouldn’t be able to go outside a lot and one way to keep my self busy would I listen to music all day sometimes and watch music videos on bet or mtv watch movies about old music groups like the jackson five or temptations. I one point I had a rhyme book. But I really got started in college my second year. Me and boys started freestylin and rappin cyphers just doin it as a hobby takin popular industry beats and making my own music but I never did any recording until I got into my third year of college my boys started first then brought me. First time I got into the studio record a recorded a song called boston ambition it felt so good After that I decided this is what I to do be a music if I could make it as an artist I would do this for the rest of my life. Since I already loved listening to music n when I start making it I got more into it and wanted to keep doing it.

I’m Gone

The song is called “I’m gone” it talks about things I’ve seen growing up
in Boston all the stories i hear from all the older guys wen I was younger. All the crime and violence that goes on. It expresses struggle trying to get away. Everybody wants to take a vacation from there from time but not everyone can. Me personally growing we didn’t have much everything I got I worked for. Didn’t have the luxury of a vacation. I made the song while I was still in college I was listening to beats online and I wanted to make a song that painted a picture of my world through my eyes and relate to it I heard the beat by chance online the words just kinda flowed out. When I recorded the song I first did the verse and I had a hook but it wasn’t good so I didn’t release the track then when I was just home one day chilling, listening, to. I was trying to come up with a hook that would be catchy enough to have people singing in there heads even without realizing and this is what I came up with.

What people can expect is variety I do have some song
that I rap on and have a more hip hop feel to and other song have a more R & B type feel. What makes it special is because it gives originally my music is something that I created through my life experiences and now I’m giving it to the world my ups and my down my struggles and my motivations, the reasons I keep going. I want people to hear all that in my music and relate to it. Feel it when they listen.

Boston, MA is my city born and bread.
The music is picking up we have many local artists
many trying do there thing we don’t have any superstar artist like jayz but we do represent heard about

House of blue strand theater
also the garden we have big artist down a lot cuz the city shows a lot of love.

I just into boxing I’m taking classes trying to get in shape.

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