I think it’s really difficult to make it on your own
as an Independent Artist in the music Business @Estonlloyd

Live Interview 
Episode #373 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ESTON LLOYD
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Eston Lloyd

I think it’s really difficult to make it on your own
as an Independent Artist in the music Business.

The simple fact that you can connect with people all over the world so easily.

Talk about the differences in your marketing strategy to support your preference.
I am currently releasing singles rather than a full album as it is much more affordable.

Eric Clapton: He is the first Blues/Rock guitarist I have ever heard and
still think he is still one of the best in his genre. He has influenced so many generations of guitarists. He also collaborated with many artists of various genres, which show his versatility in music. I admire how his music has changed from the 1960’s to current but has always been tasteful and has his signature all over his music.

I think it’s really important to keep up with the current times
musically but at the same time, I am doing my best to be true to myself and to the music. I am not going to try and do something that is out of my capability just because it is trendy. Being original and unique is a must for me.

I am most afraid of… not learning more everyday both in life and music,
cause if your not learn something new; you’re simply not growing.

The one thing that I am so proud of is becoming a Family Man.
It’s a great Joy to take care of my Wife and Daughter. There’s no prouder moment for me.

My over-all goals for my life & career is…
to be the best husband to my wife and best father to my daughter that I can be. In my career I want to be an established Musician who writes music that is meaningful to others and myself and be able to play music fulltime without having any other day job.

1) I challenge myself to practice guitar and vocals as often as I can which would move me closer to my goal.
2) I also challenge myself to learn to play and sing as many genres that I possibly can as this will broaden my musical knowledge and give me more opportunities to pursue my goal.
3) Lastly, I also challenge myself to keep the balance of keeping up with the current times and also staying true and honest to the music.

My dad was the first person that inspired me to play music
while he played the organ and guitar at church since I was a little kid. He taught me my first three chords on the guitar at the age of 8 and I have never been able to stop playing guitar ever since.

Just Me and You

The song is about putting your differences aside in a relationship
and focusing on the positives you have together rather than worrying about the negative things.

Support Artist:

I wrote the song on guitar and asked my friend Sebastian Gilchrist
to help me record the song. He played Bass Guitar and helped me produce the song. I intended for the song to be Pop Rock Song with a touch of Blues and Country, but Sebastian who took charge of producing the song also gave it a Modern Funky Sound and made sure that there were no shortcuts in recording the song as well as making sure it got mixed and mastered to the way its sounds today.

You can expect … to listen to
A lot of live acoustic and electric instruments, which you don’t really hear over the commercial radio stations today, as well as a modern, pop edge giving it a current sound.

As a musician, I really wanted to hear acoustic drums,
electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars, with valve amps and so on…you know what I mean….I hope my music reaches an audience that appreciates good tasteful music. I am currently using social network to get my music out there….Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, iTunes..etc.


I live in Durban, South Africa and the music scene is very tough here.
It’s very difficult to make a living out of playing music only.

Cape Town, which is a City in South Africa about an hours flight from Durban.
It has really beautiful scenery with lots of historical artifacts.

I love nature, from sunsets to sunrises, rainbows,
wildlife and nights where I can see a million lights in the sky.


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