I want to learn the music business as much as I can.
I feel that if you know the business side of things. One will definitely last longer in the music business @phuncmilla

Live Interview 
Episode #373 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW PHUNC MILLA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Phunc Milla 
Music Brand: Phunc Milla Label: Hidnjulz Publishing

I want to learn the music business as much as I can.
I feel that if you know the business side of things. One will definitely last longer in the music business.

The cons come from my music  not degrading women,
talking about selling drugs or violence. There are situations that happen where I am from, but it is nothing like the streets of Chicago, New York, L.A. or other places that may have high crime rate. Everyone knows just about everyone here or you know a person that knows another person that may cross your path. The Pros is that I am able to do a lot more shows when it comes to kids, I still do the club scene shows as well, but being that my music carries a different message, I am able to do a lot more shows. Sometimes it may not hit the audience that likes the trap music, which it is nothing wrong with that. I will never knock anyone’s hustle.

I turn my struggles into Triumph by giving thanks to God for what I have right now.
Tomorrow is not promised, so I live for the moment and try to accomplish everything I set out to do that day. I live with no regrets and I look into my beautiful daughter’s eyes every day and realize that no matter what takes I am already reach and famous because of her.

I would like to spend 5 minutes with Nas.
I have always been a fan of his and he is a great artist but very low key. He is still making great music getting sponsorships with Liquors like Hennessey and soft drinks like Sprite. He is also producer his own show called the Get Down, which is one of my favorite shows to watch. I cannot wait for the next Season. His longevity is impeccable and I want longevity just like such.

When a cousin of mine moved form New York all he did was rap and that began my love,
then after that Listening to Nas, Tupac, B.I.G., The Roots, Outkast the love grew even stronger. So I started trying to write rhymes and join different talent shows.

Zodiac Playa

The story behind the song consist of a friend of my had an name Idea for a song,
but he did not have hook. Once he told me the name it gave me the idea of using all the Zodiac signs and making it universal for everyone. On the track, we have KCutt, H2O and myself Phunc Milla. We wanted something that could get radio play all year around.

Support Artist:

My album is based on real life situations that people can relate to.
I want to make sure I intertwined the old school funk with the new school funk. There are songs about life on this album, things that are going on in the world today and some straight up feel good music. I have collaborated with some awesome artist, which will be under the Hidnjulz Publishing label. I think what is special about this album is those that I have let listen to it goes from 6 years old to 65 plus and they all enjoy the songs that I put together for this album.


I live in Morehead City, North Carolina, Carteret County.
The music as far as Hip Hop is concern is slowly but surely growing as there are not many places for hip-hop artist to perform. There are lot of bands that play here which from time to time I collaborate with on their set at shows called “The Spread”. I have thrown several hip hop shows at this Bar & Grille called George’s. I am able to perform in places in my hometown due to my music content and how I deliver it. The top places to go where I am from are Off The Hook, George’s, Ioannies, Jack’s and the Arendell Room when looking for independent artist shedding light on their talent.


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