Agnese (15)

Sometimes it seems to me so tough to do something good,
above all to get noticed, especially when you write instrumental music/compositions like I do. But I think that with passion, love, sacrifice, a lot of determination and study it is possible to reach beautiful goals and realize projects and dreams in this field and been appreciated @agnese_sanna

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW AGNESE SANNA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Agnese Sanna

Sometimes it seems to me so tough to do something good,
above all to get noticed, especially when you write instrumental music/compositions like I do. But I think that with passion, love, sacrifice, a lot of determination and study it is possible to reach beautiful goals and realize projects and dreams in this field and been appreciated.

Pros: you do an interesting job, I think the most fascinating and important:
with it you can directly speak to the people’s souls, elevating them, move, making cry and smile. You bring Beauty and “Beauty will save the world” as someone told me with Dostoevsky words.

Cons: it occurs that all the work you do hasn’t a minimum of attention;
sometimes it is not even considered the hard work studying in front of the piano, studying composition, arrangement, all the time spent writing scores or thinking which orchestration would be better for that track/music. The most difficult thing is to live with it, making it your main job: sometimes you cannot pay a coffee with the earnings of a CD.

In my opinion, it is better to have a full album project.
Ok the singles if you have such a beautiful new written composition and you can’t wait to tell something important with that single music but, personally, I prefer having a track list ready and presenting at the right time one by one 2-3 singles of my new album to get people gradually interested to my work, making them say: “Mmh that’s interesting, let’s check out a bit what else more he/she had to say in his/her EP…”

It is also exciting to show people off all the work during one,
two or more years, your path through life and music. With a full album people know you better and give you one more thrust to keep working on something that remains in time. The risk to be forgotten and to see your talent burned out with a single are higher in my opinion. And I don’t want that for me. At least, this is my point of view.

I like so much social media for the chance to get exposure,
especially if you are a musician, artist, actor/actress. You can keep in touch with people who follow you, love your music and you can directly speak with them, asking pieces of advice. I must tell the most of the chances for my music to be played in foreign radios for example came from the net and social media like Twitter and Facebook, so I used all the tools that they offer. Now Facebook can also give you the chance to be “live”. That’s great! For example it often happens to me to wake up, going to the piano, sitting in front of it, playing and start improvising some new melodies. Why shouldn’t I show off all this to people and fans? Music must be shared!

I think that there is, yes, too much emphasis on being trendy,
so much that it empties of content most of art, music, theater’s expressions, only looking at the form. And this doesn’t help building something that lasts in time.

I have found a balance that helps me to be myself,
so also my music is more spontaneous and represent myself, purely as I am. This is what it really counts for me. I must say that I don’t mind so much what the mainstream say but I have found a sort of agreement. A practical example: I listen to a song that is trendy, but to be myself I do it mine playing it with another arrangement at the piano.

It is important to know your weak points and tell them to yourself,
repeating them every single day, working on them, in order to learn again, everytime, where to start again. It is only facing your weakness that you can find the strength to create something new, original. These are struggles turned into triumphs, something that I have experienced in my life so far and I experience every single day, watching reality and yourself completely: both good and bad, embracing all this.

I can say I live life in two ways: in a big hurry but also keeping my moments of relax.
It is important in my opinion to rest a bit, looking for quiet: better ideas come so; in this way you can also enjoy your family and friends who are the most important things in life. I would say, as composer Ezio Bosso said: “There’s only one way to do music and living life: together”.

I would love to spent 5 minutes with composer Ennio Morricone.
I admire him, it is a great source of inspiration and I’d love doing his same job, composing music for movies. I would like to know his opinion about my music, but above all listening pieces of advise he could have to give when someone like me want to face the difficult path to be a musician and composer.

I think I’ve always loved music since I was in my mother’s tummy!
After my birth I’ve been listening to a lot of music with my parents. My father also played the guitar and had a gospel group. When he played it always seemed to me something special and magic, but above all: something good for me that me too, I wanted to do. When I came at secondary school I began to play the piano self taught. My music teacher Miss Sulpizi noticed that and encouraged me so much that I started studying music at the conservatory in my town. I’m sure these have been important moments in making up my mind on the “musical path”.

The Hero

“The Hero” has a beautiful story that I always love telling.
It was written between a period of crisis and the next one of rebirth thanks to a friend, Bruno, who unfortunately died.

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What it matters here is that my friend made me rediscover with his witness,
during his illness and cancer, who’s the real hero of my and everybody’s life: God. That’s why I often say that, with him, I came back to the Essential. What impressed me was that with Bruno I saw a lot of life, even though he was dying. In this way I understood that death is not the last word in our lives, that there’s always something different and Good for me, thanks to Someone bigger upon us. In the same period it happened all this I always had a melody in my mind that had a sort of “rush” perfectly describing this mood: mood of hope, mood of new, mood of believing again in Life and in God. With this energy and new love in 5 days I made the orchestration, the arrangement, played and recorded it all by myself. This is how it came up my “Hero”: such a joy and satisfaction!

Listening to my music and my upcoming album means coming into my life,
at the depth of my heart, reading my personal diary and naked soul. It’s living every single moment with the eye of music, watching the reality in this way, having a sort of playlist/soundtrack of my life, giving a deepest sense to it. I hope everyone will find something of himself in my music, something good for him/her, perfectly describing his/her feelings in a precise moment of his/her life, even in only one musical note.

Agnese (21)

I live in Ancona, a town on the sea in Le Marche, a beautiful region in the middle Italy:
here the music scene is not so active; yes, it happens to play here but very often I move to bigger cities like Rome and Milano or abroad. In fact, I’ve recently been in Paris to play, for example.
But if I had to think a place to go I can tell you that I would like to go to the USA, I’d love to play there my music, recording it and work there with music.


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