The music business is many things.
Like an overly large and fascinating beast, its many tentacles offer dreams and opportunities on one side but also confusion and disappointment on the other. Being a musician, song writer and performer, I want to do all I can to make it work for me – @danihoy

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DANI HOY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


The music business is many things.
Like an overly large and fascinating beast, its many tentacles offer dreams and opportunities on one side but also confusion and disappointment on the other. Being a musician, song writer and performer, I want to do all I can to make it work for me. I’m told it’s changed so much over the years, is extremely competitive and difficult to make a living, yet I know this is what I want to do, so I learn all I can about it and try different avenues to keep the wheels turning and the rent paid.

Well, I feel lucky to have a great support group of fans and friends that is growing.
I’ve been doing so much on my own, learning all I can about the industry and implementing what seems logical and doable for me. Self-reliance is a big deal for me. However, finding the right road to success as an independent artist that doesn’t cause too much debt is very challenging. Social media has been a huge help with many resources for promotion and sales. It is very hard to do it all on your own and very few artists seem to get much assistance from the industry.

I really try to do all I can to remain positive, picking my battles,
finding ways to get my goals accomplished. I’m very tenacious about finding new avenues for income to make my dream possible. Difficulties are always there. When I first moved to Key West I was getting settled in, found a part time job. Right,  when I was ready to begin looking for gigs I required knee surgery. It knocked me out of the game for awhile and left me with medical debt and a long recovery. I’ve come out the other side of that by being consistent
and focusing on what’s important. I don’t give up easily. Now I’m performing several times a week, released a new EP in July and am not working a day job but rather deriving the majority of my income from music and art.

I would really love to talk with Mary Chapin Carpenter.
I find her story fascinating and admire how she continues to write and record such powerful music. I’m pretty sure 5 minutes wouldn’t be enough.

Most of my life I’ve been surrounded by music of one type or another.
The radio was always on at home and in the car. My father was a professional musician and my mother made sure my brother and I appreciated music of all types from pop to jazz and classical. My earlier musical experiences were participating in choirs and musical theater. Just a few short years ago I began to attend open mic nights with basic guitar skills and found myself improving rapidly. I wrote my first song in 2010 and had my first CD release in 2012. My greatest wish is to write better songs and continue to be a full-time singer, song-writer and performer.


Status is that vague status update about how I’ve arrived at the place I live,
somewhat insecure, difficult to define, full of reflection and regret. Have I made the right decisions? Am I where I should be? The answer lives in a song yet to be written. “Status” was written after I moved to Key West, FL. I had a kind of bluesy progression I liked that had a darkness to it. The song is the final song on my five song EP, “At the End of a Long Road”, released July 2016. The CD was produced by Kevin Johnston, Orca Sound Studio, Abingdon, MD. Musicians are Jerry Roe on drums, David Roe on bass and Kenny Vaughn on electric guitar, Kevin Johnston on keys and percussion and Rob Thorworth on acoustic guitars. The first three are top notch Nashville musicians who have played with artists such as Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash and Lucinda Williams. Kevin somehow managed to get Jerry, David and Kenny in one place and Skyped the song sessions for the CD. Vocals were recorded here in Key West with Ian Shaw of Warm Fuzz Studio.

Sources to purchase my music

The studio was mixed and mastered by Kevin Johnston.

My third CD, At the End of A Long Road,
is a journey. With only five songs, it covers my “Escape” from the North where I lived to the where I am now, which is the furthest point south in the contiguous United States. Musically it’s a new playing field for me, sounding more Americana/Country Rock than my previous two albums, TropiGal and Songs of Love and the Ocean. I’m always seeking to push myself musically and lyrically to higher levels, to give my growing fan base something new to listen to that they want to listen to over and over. This is my first CD tracked in Nashville and I can’t be happier with the sound.


I live in Key West, Florida, a pretty big town for music.
There are many bars and restaurants that offer live music daily. The biggest and best places to go for live music in Key West are the Green Parrot, the Hogs Breath Saloon, Smokin’ Tuna, Sloppy Joes and Schooner Wharf. Smaller venues offer everything from rock and blues to jazz and, of course, the acoustic solo or duo. It’s lively here on an almost daily basis with music generally starting about 10am and running until at least 2am.


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