Angel Monique Says She Blessed And Grateful In The Music Industry


I have to say that I am still learning this business but so far, so good. If it were not for my awesome team and my producer and his awesome team, I would probably have more cons than not. But, I can honestly say that I have been blessed and choose not to complain-@A_MoniqueMusic

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ANGEL MONIQUE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I have to say that I am still learning this business but so far, so good.
If it were not for my awesome team and my producer and his awesome team, I would probably have more cons than not. But, I can honestly say that I have been blessed and choose not to complain. There have been some rough patches and that is always the case when you’re dealing with people in general. Then, there are times when the devil tries to get his shine and things sometimes fall apart, but a family that prays together stays together and I have a team of prayer warriors. I enjoy having the constant encouragement and the undeniable support of my production team. Whatever I NEED, it is provided. There are some wants in there too and I’m absolutely grateful for that! 😀

I would have to say Whitney Houston,
but due to the unfortunate circumstances that can’t happen. I admired her tenacity and how she dealt with the public even while going through the struggles in her life. She always, at different points in her life or career, remembered who God was. And that’s the Christian struggle that I mentioned earlier. She made mistakes, fell, had hardships but she also tried her best to always find God. Her voice was unmatched and there will never be another voice as pure as hers. Even when it was not in top shape, she ALWAYS gave it 110%. That is why I admire her and always will. She pushed through the hoarseness, pain, tribulation and she poured everything into every word of her songs. You felt them. They lifted you and added some reassurance along the way. It was real and it was perfect. Just my humble opinion.

“No More” is about a conversation with the Father about life’s struggles.
I like to think of it as a conversation or a letter, more than an intimate prayer. In talking with him, I’m letting him know that not only do I need him more, but I also don’t want to deal with struggles of sin and the back and forth of emptiness anymore.


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Although I did not write the song,
I poured my own testimony of what I was tired of, into the song during the recording. I wanted to make sure that the song encompassed all the emotions of what a real walk with Christ really entails. It is very detailed with having to wake up and regain the strength that is needed just to get to church on Sabbath morning.

What I have always said from the beginning
is that whatever I did with this album and those to come, I wanted them to be to His glory and not my own. This album allowed me to provide that message on each track. That it is God’s glory and not mine that I am even able to minister the way that I do. Many people have endless conversations with me and/or members of my family as to how the album was just so well put together and how either all of them touched them in some way or two or three that just took them there. Others have said that it has allowed them to just reflect from the beginning of the album, just how much they are nothing without God and to the end of the album, they are reminded of how good God is and that they should Praise Him. All the other tracks in between are just fillers to the journey of the Christian walk. That is what I want for my ministry. To exemplify the realness of what it means to be a sinner saved by God’s grace. That is all that I am. I realize that I am nothing without Him, but I am everything because of Him and that is what keeps me humble.


I live in Palm Beach County in South Florida
and there is a lot of raw and highly blessed talent in the area. The music is diverse, but Gospel is what I have been around all of my life. It never leaves me.

Now, I’m not big on the public scene but there are great beaches
and very nice spots in different cities in the Palm Beach area that are downtown, where you can have a great time! Clematis is downtown in West Palm Beach. Downtown Delray Beach is full of shops and eateries of all kind and then there is a lot of historical places that are there, such as Old School Square in Delray Beach. There is also the Kravis Center for Performing Arts that is located Downtown West Palm Beach where all kinds of events take place, especially plays and musicals.


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