ANTONELLA SPERA1“I started as a poet, very young, as my family couldn’t pay for my piano lessons. Now all my songs are like poems to music. I’ve always believed success is doing well what makes you happy & I am happy!”  Antonella Spera

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by Jacqueline Jax

Success is doing well what makes you happy.

As I said Dream has been my first real challenge…
Martti once had a dream over night..the same night he sent me the feelings he captured by his dream writing a poem. I was working with Davide to another song, but when I read the lyrics I decided to transform the structure of the text making it suitable to be a song adapting it to the track I was working to and invented a melody…All this in few hours…After one month we recorded the song and made the video…

Me and my crew are still working on a marvelous album following my first EP titled “Light on me”, released on 2014, which I believe could really change the course of pop music. The title is still unknown, will be found as a final inspiration, just like when you bring a baby in your tummy and need to see his sweet face to recognize his name, anyway it’s a mix of several musical influences that keep it original in any case, 8 very catchy tracks. It brings the soul of people and human experience, concrete joint to supernatural and my personal interpretation of life and love, many of them are inspired by real stories I witnessed in my life, experiences mixed with past, present and future, in which people can reflect themselves.  Purchase music:

Music has always been in my veins…
I started as a poet, very young, as my family couldn’t pay for my piano lessons which is my passion, the only thing I could do was singing in several bands in Pisa. I started to attend university…People waere amazed by my voice but no much luck with the members of the band I worked with, no agreement on genre or recognizing the value of my voice and creativity. Sometime it happened that some “friends” started steeling my ideas and lyrics, so very disappointed I stopped sharing my art and music, until I met Davide Pasturi, my friend and producer, the first one seriously believing in me and then Martti Syria, the leader of Eppu Normaali, a great finnish band and my mentor who inspired and encouraged me to write and sing again. We wrote Dream’s Lyrics together.

I live in England at the moment, in Swanage, a stunning town in Dorset on Jurassic coast, inspiration for Thomas Hardy, the national English poet and writer. Music environment is very active down here. I came here last here to follow my interest in sciences research and increase my experience as a nurse. When I can, I like get me on the road and explore this amazing country or going all over the world alone or with people I love.

I don’t have a favorite artist…
I always listened to different genres of music, rock, pop, jazz, blues classical and folk…the magic is in author music whoever he or she is, I get his or her essence and story, if it doesn’t strike me with whole feelings it’s not my music…Anyway Michal Jackson is a big master for me, but currently I’m collaborating with Martti Syrja on a project that can give lots of surprises and emotions in future…believe me…

I don’t think about trends…
I’m a sponge, I catch what people would like to express but cannot do on their own, this is the role of the artist I believe, this is why mostly they like my music, they find their voice in it, someone tells me I’m sensual and involving, someone else sees me as an angel, but actually it’s just what they like to feel, both human and supernatural with plain legitimization…obviously then it becomes trendy, no suffered decisions or marketing strategy, I just follow my instinct even if there is a research behind that, but always lead by curiosity and I confronted it with my crew even if on distance, we are always connected.


Born in Saint Gallen in Switzerland spent long part of her life in Italy. As a child expresses interest in music, poetry and visual art, she wrote her first poem at seven years, during the period of education received numerous awards and recognition for artistic attitudes. In 1991 she won an international scholarship that led her in Ontario Canada, where she was able to deepen her knowledge of the English language, and from that moment became her second language alongside Italian, even in creative writing. After the high school she moved to Pisa where she worked and attended the Faculty of Social Sciences, working also as a singer with several bands active in the area, experiencing the self-taught voice sounds in pop, jazz and rock. In ’99 she recorded a jazz album with the Tuscan band “Night Shift”. After graduation she began working in the communication industry, working for several press offices, directing a series dedicated to the culture and working with newspapers and television both in Tuscany and Lazio. At the same time she states in the field of education, teaching techniques of institutional communication and the Italian language in institutions of higher education for foreigners. In 2006 she moved to Trento where she continued her work as a consultant and trainer communication. Meanwhile, interest in the social and the human condition led her to embark on a new university course of study, this time in Nursing where she graduated in 2012. This new personal and professional experience, opens the new scenarios on human perception, even in the path of sickness and suffering. Crucial meeting with Davide Pasturi, drummer in the”Three men and the skeleton” historical rock band of Trento and becomes the lead singer of the group. The sharing of ideas and projects allows her to attract the attention of well-known personalities known due to the frequency of international musical and literary circles, as the Finnish singer, actor, songwriter and poet Martti Syriä founder in 1976 of the legendary Finnish rock band Eppu Normaali and the poet and Italian writer Dante Maffia who called her in September 2013 to attend the conference to present his candidacy for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Her report dedicated to the collection of short stories “San Bettino Craxi and Other Stories” was included in the conference sent to Stockholm, one of her literary work was included, along with other well-known poets in the anthology “Dear Dante” by Renato Fiorito and dedicated to the poet. The friendship with the songwriter Syrjä offers the right stimuli to begin her latest musical project footprint, resulting in “Dream”, her debut single, the lyrics are written for 4 hands with the Finnish singer-songwriter in English, and a new EP “Light on me,” of which she writes entirely lyrics and composing melodies, both projects created with the close collaboration of the musician and filmmaker Davide Pasturi with whom produces, writes the text and collaborate on the screenplay of the music video for “Dream” and founded in 2014 the project Hikari Art. At the same time she is working on a publishing project aimed at the publication of her first collection of poems, in addition to her studies and her experience in the medical and nursing field ,also received the certificate as a trainer for CME.

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