Bess_4 “In terms of musical style I do what I enjoy. It is a bonus having people enjoying , liking and supporting my music. I experiment with different styles all the time. In the industry I find that people tend to stick to the same style but I do not want to do that. ” @kel_bess


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW BESS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I come from a musical family….
One of my uncles was a great singer, the other ones still do it . My uncles and aunts all of them sing. Everything started in the family then I followed. I first started singing in church.

Best I Ever Had….
Just like many of my other songs I wrote this one about a real life experience. I can say music is my artistic escape. When I am dealing with things in life, I express my emotions through music. I wanted to address this life experience. I Selected a beat and my song came to life naturally. It was easy to write because I went through it. It was very emotional while recording the song. It is an escape but it is also a reminder. This song allows me to remember the past, but it also means escaping that past and recognizing that I have moved past that for a better future.


Singles or albums….
I think that in these days you have to market yourself properly. Even though I would love to share all my music with the masses right away, I also understand that this is a business and people need to get to know you first. I think that releasing a single is a good way of breaking the ice and getting instant feedback from the listeners. Also, it gives you enough time to just focus on one thing instead of many. When it comes to an album I think that that is every artist ultimate goal. I still believe in releasing albums and I will, I just think that the way people consume music now days has shifted. Ep’s has become the norm in the hip hop world per say. My team and I are working really hard in promoting this Single”Best I Ever Had”, we think it’s important. We are already working on the next songs. We will released another single and then an EP later this year.


Growing up in Canada….
I live in Brampton, a Canadian city in Southern Ontario. A city part of the greater Toronto Area. Variety of musical genres which I appreciate and take inspiration from. I am not defined by one specific musical genre, my style incorporates many different genres.


Places to go….
Love going to the park where its quiet for writing I like going to different studios. I have recorded in many of them. Here in Canada I have that luxury. Very different from when I first started back home. Basically we would go into someones bedroom, set up a mic on the wall, a laptop and record from there That’s how everything started.

We never had it like others we were struggling on the minimum to get there; for a bigger better studio and for a better life.. I’ve been through a lot and when it comes to music. I know what people want to hear. When I first started to rap and sing some people would turn to me and say “You have to choose one” then when I would say funny things in my songs they would say “no one wants to hear those things “, but did that stopped me? Naah
Because of being exposed to so many musical genres and many old school songs back then… I wanted to do it all.


Social Media is something….
I enjoy when I read people’s commentary on my songs. I have already received so much positive feedback with “Best I Ever Had.” I like when people can relate to my real life experience that express through the song. It is great to know that others can relate to the same experiences you have gone through. I love to see how much support I am getting on twitter, facebook and instagram.


I would love to have 5 mins alone with….
Marry J Blidge, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Adele. Real life, lyrically inclined, people I can relate to. Jay z, 50 cent, Kanye West, etc. Adele, her songs make me feel emotional. She’s an amazing singer. And other artists who have a good head on their shoulders.


One of my hobbies is….
fashion. I don’t go much by trends. I like my own style.


In terms of musical style….
I do what I enjoy. It is a bonus having people enjoying , liking and supporting my music. I experiment with different styles all the time. In the industry I find that people tend to stick to the same style but I do not want to do that.


I challenge myself by….
experimenting with my music. New beats completely different from one another.


I am most afraid of….
many things but I wouldn’t say exactly what they are.. lol you know.. once people knows about it they can use it against you…lol But one thing that I hate are worms and back stabbing fake people. Smile in the face and talk behind your back type of things.


Success is….
Getting where you want to reach in life. Basically doing what you love the most.


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