California Hip Hop Artist The1andonly Dorell Talks LA Music Business

California Hip Hop Artist The1andonly Dorell Talks LA Music Business

The1andonly Dorell

I live in Los Angeles, California. The music scene is jumping off the hook where I am. If you really want to get it popping either performing or just having fun go to the Hollywood area. I over come hurdles and pitfalls by praying a lot, remaining positive and working a honest job and staying persistent in fulfilling my goals.” – @1andonlydorell

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW THE 1 and ONLY DORELL
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I live in Los Angeles, California…
The music scene is jumping off the hook where I am. If you really want to get it popping either performing or just having fun go to the Hollywood area. I like riding my Harley Motorcycle, meeting and hanging out with sexy, intelligent women.

Music business…
Outside of praying, music is my escape. I love every aspect of the music business.

Pros and cons…
The pros I’ve had were meeting very important, influential people, getting free things and favoritism just because of who I was in the music industry not to mention the sexy, pretty women I met and dated.

The cons I’ve had were the feeling of sadness when a deal didn’t go as planned, or didn’t happen at all. Getting treated like crap because you were considered a nobody or broke person with no clout just there trying to make it in the business.

Hurdles and pitfalls…
By praying a lot, remaining positive and working a honest job and staying persistent in fulfilling my goals.

Social media…
I love social media, it allows you make friends and associates with the click of a button as well as Get the word out fast about up-coming projects and events etc.

The challenges I have had to overcome…
with social media are how to build my fan base slash friends and follower numbers and views as well as how to turn my views and followings into cash or sales. If I could figure that out, that would be great!

Singles vs an album…
Well albums give people more of your music to enjoy or to choose from however singles are cool to your whole CD and they can enjoy it by purchasing the single at a cheaper rate than buying a full album at higher price and don’t like all of the music that’s on it.

This also allows you to target your market even better by sending it out to a more defined or narrowed down group of people. Like She Getting Money, I would promote that to all women’s groups anywhere from battered women on up to entrepreneurial, business women, women who have been divorce, single parent moms etc.

I started my music career in prison…
My father was killed before I was born. As a result of that I (Dorell) was raised in South Central Los Angeles surrounded by poverty, gangs, drugs, crime and no positive role models in my life which lead me to run away from home at an early age, drop out of school and eventually lead a life of crime that I never wanted or even asked for. Even as a child music had always been my means of escape from the harsh life and cruelty that surrounded me. While in prison some guys in a music group asked me to perform some music for them, after repeatedly refusing, I finally accepted the challenge and the rest became history. After discovering and realizing my unknown talent and also realizing through God, prayer, patience, hard work and a better education he could have a better life, I went back to school and received my GED after which I enrolled into Chapman University studying Business and Literary Arts maintaining a great 4.0 GPA. All accomplished so I may follow and live my dream of being successful in the world of entertainment.

She Getting Money…
She Getting Money is the new women’s anthem made for and about women who are sick of men coming at them with a bunch of games, bull-crap and drama, thinking they’re God’s gift and with NO Money. Women are finally taking a stand saying no more horny scrubs, women these days are very intelligent and independent and most definitely sick of the bull-tip.

Expect my music to…
not only be enjoyed as each song is told in its own, unique yet comical way but I also hope to reach those who wish to have more unity in our various communities if not worldwide and expect it to increase peace and unity as the songs were made to uplift others and bring us together as whole. Gain worldwide notoriety as well as donate money raised from sales to help the youth stay away from, gangs, drugs and teen pregnancy the Saving All Kids organization @

I plan on marketing my new music…
on all social media sites, radio stations etc. at this time it’s being marketed and sold on as well as itunes and more.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Richard Branson. We have a few life experiences in common plus he’s very big on helping people such as the homeless as well as women and children.
He believes having a better world to live in. I would like to present him with a few great ideas and hopefully have him work with me on them.

Do you find that there is too much emphasis on being current and trendy…
In my opinion industry professionals want you to be current as in clown or be like, dress like and sound like the person who’s selling the most records at that time.
What I do as an artist staying current is to have a great track and speak about what’s going on in life that all people can relate to directly or indirectly.

I am most afraid of…
Being poor and homeless, not able to support myself, my family and other people I see suffering on a day to day basis in my community.

My personal definition of success is..
Figuring out what you’re doing to destroy yourself and stop doing it before you do.

Name one success story that you are particularly proud of…
I received my G.E.D, attended Chapman University and starting my own independent music, film, TV, marketing and promotion company. Most people in my neighborhood never complete high school let alone attend a great university. I was able to achieve this by praying a lot, studying hard, staying persistent and never giving up on my hopes and dreams of being the great artist and businessman deep inside I knew I could be.

My overall goal for my life & career is…
To become famous for my music and film projects as well as financial able to spoil myself to celebrate my success and be able to help others who are less unfortunate.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.

1) I challenge myself to be patient and humble. It shows in my demeanor, characteristics and mannerism. People see it a lot and it opens up a lot of doors for me.

2) Creatively I challenge myself and try not to do things the same. This gives me diversity and enables me to write, create and perform in different ways do to my variety.

3) I challenge myself to network with as many people as I can. This enables me to remain relevant as well as in the public eye. It also helps me stay in the know of who’s who in front and behind the scenes in the industry.