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“I am a firm believer in God’s promise to me. I have learned that stumbling and falling doesn’t mean you have to actually stay laying down. In every success and failure there is a great lesson to learn and that is the mentality I keep throughout my journey.” @IamTheRealSir

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Artist: Sir/IamTheRealSir

Music business…
I feel the music business as a whole is incredible, I think the music itself has taken a dip seeing as how majority of the artist today have chosen to sacrifice lyrical ability and creativity for a quick dollar.

Pros and cons…
As you start to become more successful the more snakes you run into, the more people that want to be apart of your movement for their own selfish gain, and those people have taught me valuable lessons. I have lost thousands of dollars dealing with people who tried to take advantage of my desire to be successful in the music industry.

Hurdles and pitfalls…
I am a firm believer in God’s promise to me. I have learned that stumbling and falling doesn’t mean you have to actually stay laying down. In every success and failure there is a great lesson to learn and that is the mentality I keep throughout my journey.

Social media…
There will always be challenges when dealing with marketing however; I have not found any challenges that would slow down my progress. I believe social media is the driving force behind marketing in our society today. It grants you instant access to millions of people at any specific time. The great thing about social media is its convenience. The ability to be used from any place rather it be home or mobile is extraordinary.

Singles vs an album…
My belief on singles versus albums is they both work and are important. I believe that pushing a single allows you to gain a tremendous amount of exposure which forces people to do their research on you. Now in this case you may not need to have an album for people to go listen to, but I do believe that if one is available you don’t miss out on the opportunity of gaining a lifetime fan.

I have pushed She Got it as the single and with performing people have constantly asked if I had a cd. When the music is good you don’t have to pound the single into their heads. Fans will gravitate to things they can relate to. I have been able to supply the fans with music they could relate to which has had many people request an album.

There is definitely a balance in being mindful of music trends…
I do believe I have found this balance. Trendy is always good but along with being trendy you have to look for ways to supply the people with something different. The reason the iPhone remains the number cellular device is not just because of how trendy it is but because with every flagship there is something new to keep the fans and supports interested.

I am most afraid of…
Spiders lol, ok on a serious note, I am most afraid of not being able to take care of my family. Their happiness is my happiness.

My personal definition of success is..
Success to me is what you do after you have done it all. I was told that no one would follow my music because it does not fit the mold of music today. I was told that my style of music was outdated and far from Trendy. In the midst of being told these things I stayed true to what I believed which there is a fan for everything, and If I am able to capture one fan I am sure there are many others like that one. Everyday I analyze myself to find ways to perfect my craft, I make sure it is my craft and not anyone else’s. I consider this a great success because many people where I am from have allowed their dreams to move on without them because of this stigma; Since I was a child I have always been the one to test and defy all odds which is a strength of mine. So simply because I’ve done what others believed I would no be able to do makes this a great success to me.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
to become a world-renowned recording artist/producer.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.

1) I make myself uncomfortable (Life begins where your comfort zone ends)

2) I give myself deadlines. This makes me more punctual

3) Staying honest with myself. This may not seem like a challenge but it actually is. When it comes to your music something’s you may enjoy just because it is yours and not for the true quality of the project. By doing this I have been able t o hone in on my true ability.
I started writing poetry when…
I was 12 however, my oldest brother, who at the time was a pretty relevant local artist, asked me to write a song with him. That was the last time I wrote a song until I started managing Young Society at the age of 23. Eleven years I had to develop the poetry and storytelling side of my craft. I made a phone call to my best friend, and ironically I remember this conversation as if it had just taken place. “Hey man I’m managing a group that goes by Young Society, I said to him.” Why are you not rapping yourself you are a very good writer, he responded? I took that statement and brushed it off. Fast forward to November 2013, after Young Society decided to go their separate ways I revisited the conversation I had with my best friend previously and decided to embark on a musical journey for myself. I released my first song titled A Dangerous Mind December 2013 and never looked back.

She Got It…
There comes a time in every artist’s life when they make the statement “back to the old drawing board”. Well this became evident during a 7-hour trip to Virginia. I was extremely dissatisfied with the music I had been creating and the lack of creativity. I decided to clear my phone and head of all the music I had written prior, threw away all of the beats, and discarded all of the music. It was time to “start over”.

I wanted to write a song that encourages women to conduct themselves with high confidence. I started thinking about the fact that women are always being talked about when it comes to their body and their looks but yet no one gives them credit for having the true “IT” factor. The one thing that makes that one reflection stand out in a room full of mirrors as I always say.

The song is about building a woman’s confidence letting her know that there is more to here than her looks, so much more to appreciate outside of the physical appearance. I found myself playing with many different melodies, so I called my friend Twenty 8 up and just sang the melody I had for the song, he loved it and said say no more I’ll get right on it. If only you could have been a fly on the wall listening to the horrible vocals I provided him however, because of the connection the two of us have he was able to pick up on what I was describing and delivered in a timely fashion.

Actually something funny did happen I started humming the melody just had yet to come up with any words when all of a sudden my wife walks by and I start singing “Shawty gotta walk with class” “Girl I cant see you pass” “Make me wanna spend this cash” Cuz girl you gotta know you bad” “She Got It, She Got It, She got It, Lord knows she got it”. I immediately jumped up and said I’ve found my next single.

IamTheRealSirHeart and Soul is…
a very deep thought-provoking album. I made a goal not to use any profanity on this album, a goal that I accomplished in a rather easy fashion might I add. The message I would like people to take away from this album is this my story. If you want to know how I was feeling all of 2015 listen to this album this Is shows moments where I was at my lowest of lows to the point where I reach the highest of highs. I explain my thoughts on Love, Life, Pain, Betrayal, as well as My ability to be extremely lyrical.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl “Duval County”…
the music scene is actually larger than we are given credit for. There’s a ton of hidden talent here in the city there Is just a lack of information and the drive to make the information they do posses work for them.

One thing I love to do is travel mainly cruise. The ability to take your mind off of life as we know it and live in a world where only you and the people you are with exist is amazing. I escape the problems of today, troubles of tomorrow, and the pain of the past when I cruise.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Honestly the person I would like to spend 5 minutes with would be J. Cole. We practically come from the same background and he has shown that going after what you believe which may be outside of popular belief is ok as long as you back and support everything you believe. J. Cole is an example of where I would like to be and where I feel I am headed.