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What once was a very difficult industry has become a little easier in that independent artists can still have an avenue to make their music available to the mass like never before.- @davidmclorren

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
What once was a very difficult industry has become a little easier in that independent artists can still have an avenue to make their music available to the mass like never before. it’s not perfect but it’s organic and evolving. Fostering a greater avenue for creativity, variety and individuality across all genres. The way I deal with and over come these hurdle is to stay focused, stay humble there is always some one better, think outside the box and try to keep overhead as low as possible. Embrace technology and learn as much as I can from everything and one around me..

The Pros… to date is I am in full control of my product and creativity. I can be expressive overwhelm constrains of a major label. I can release music on my schedule.

The Cons… are distribution on self produce products without a major labels budget can be limiting. Booking shows with the backing and coverage of major label take a little more sweat equity and making a name takes capital that can sometimes be elusive. However the challenge is still worth it when you’ve gain the satisfaction of a job well done and the proceeds are only split between band mate and to cover expenses.

Singles vs an album…
It’s a catch 22. I love albums because it gives people the instant gratification of hearing the complete work which we sometimes are itching to get out. Conversely single creates a desire for more. However you don’t want to over saturate with a great number of singles in a short time frame, there by torpedoing you previous release before it’s full maturity.

What do you like about social media…
Social Media is a great way to engage fans, friend and potential buys of your music. You can give quick sound bites and snapshots behind the scene. It’s great to gain popularity but it’s not the greatest marketing tool only in this aspect, likes and repost do not always equate to sales. yet social media is vital to a career in the entertainment industry. The fans find it crucial to have access to their artist through social media.. It’s lien to having good friends and transparency.

My Latest Release “Back2Life”…

We’re currently shooting the music. This addictive, infectious tune makes you wanna dance & invoke a sense of positive energy. It’s all about celebrating your life & not letting things get or keep you down. Back2Life is just that. Get back and get on with life regardless of all obstacles.

The back story to this song is really life after the passing of my dad. He was one of my greatest inspirations, fan and influence. He taught me the value of confidence, belief and hard work. We had a full; rich life but in my estimation he died too soon.. Never the less we had the greatest father. Before he passed which he was at peace. He told me and my siblings that the way we honor him and his legacy is to live and do what we were created to do and to take care of mom. Not to morn his death but celebrate his life, our life and all he imparted in us. SO back to life is after the ashes that life give us is clear we get up and get back into living.

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David McLorren musician producer
When you encounter my music…
you will understand why I’ve chosen to brand it as something a little different. it invokes positive energy, inspiration and creates a backdrop that ones imagination can write their own story, a soundtrack to life and living.

I live in North Dallas, Texas…
The music scene out here is eclectic, there’s always something happening on the live music scene here and a lot of talent flows through Dallas. Like Erikah Badu,
Snarky Puppy to name a few..


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Sting to discover his longevity secret, his humanitarian efforts and his incredible talent. It seems he is well rounded both on and off the stage. Plus I think he is an amazing person and artist in every sense of the word.

Music Trends…
There is a balance that should be kept however, I find that a lot of music today is base on trends and popularity. I’m not knocking it, but sometimes it seems like the heart and soul in mainstream music is gone or masked for what will sell and be popular.. The Balance is if you have have the heart & soul and be popular & trendy which keeping the integrity of the artist in music today..

My favorite music quote or inspirational quote is…
“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. So Hit me with music, brutalize me with music” – Bob Marley.