I feel like the music business is…booming right now a lot of talent being discovered and put out good music in all. –  @devonefrazier

Live Interview 
Episode #389 :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DEVO SLIM
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


I feel like the music business is…
booming right now a lot of talent being discovered and put out good music in all.

Man I have run into it all from hoes looking for quick come up
to janky promoters lol but like anything it has its bad with the good like I met dudes I mess with the long way god connects and business people artists etc ya know to each is own gotta experience it to see what you come across lol for real! for real!

Man I got a list of people I want to meet with
and just pick they brains, soak up wisdom, knowledge and game from like boosie, ugk, nelly, etc.  One of the top ones would be Jay-z, man got wisdom and knowledge booming from him and off top. Dude would be the top 5 if not the top person ya know.

‘Off Top’ is about the rules and standards I live by ex.
Not trusting hoes never turning my back on my family and day ones not letting anybody play with my money etc . The inspiration and back story for this song was just events and things that happened to me and i saw in my life which made me create and live by these standards.

Off Top


I’m currently working and putting together my grind time
mixtape reason it’s called grind time is cause I’m grinding for better from myself, my music and living for me and my family and peoples around me that’s where the inspiration came from for this mixtape. It’s meant to motivate and inspire anybody striving for their careers goals lifestyle etc.


I’m currently in Seattle, WA
its transitioning into the trap music era and urbanizing. Places to go..  Seattle Space Needle downtown any dispensary(bomb ass trees) clubs Baltic room and stage.


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