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“DO NOT RECORD OVER INDUSTRY BEATS!!! Even though at the time the song came out and it was popular for so long… major record label A&Rs or talent scouts wouldn’t be interested to hear it. Why? Because it has already been done and they will pass you by without hesitation. ” – OGTNB_DrewB

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DREW B
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The 3 things any new music artist should know coming into this industry…
would be first and most importantly to have your music material legally registered and have its copyrights. This pertains to your lyrics, your production, and your stage name. This will protect not only you as an artist but it will protect you from anyone attempting to file a lawsuit against you. Having these necessary documentations will prove you’re in ownership of your work and its also good to obtain for your personal records. Second, as for rappers/hip hop artists, DO NOT RECORD OVER INDUSTRY BEATS!!! Even though at the time the song came out and it was popular for so long with many views/hits on youtube don’t think that recording over the same beat that Kendrick Lamar did or J. Cole would make you stand out more. You may think that your verse was a lot better and you’ve done it justice, major record label A&Rs or talent scouts wouldn’t be interested to hear it. Why? Because it has already been done and they will pass you by without hesitation. What they’re looking for is originality, uniqueness, and creativity. From a business perspective they want to discover an artist who will make their company not only grow but will also retrieve profitable income. Lastly, don’t rely or depend on anyone to do anything for you if you can just do it yourself. This will prevent unnecessary stress/burden when you’re creating your masterpiece. The reason why I say this is because no one in life owes you anything. If you want to protect your potential business be your own boss, but just know that you have to spend money to make money. Music isn’t cheap so if you’re going to invest into your music career pursuit it with a purpose.


One thing I wish I had done differently when I had started…
would be to invest in buying a laptop and purchase the necessary music programs to create my own beats. Sometimes I wonder if I would be in the same position or maybe further in my career if had done that from the start. Don’t get me wrong the producers I’ve worked with thus far have been superb, but if I would’ve invested in a laptop I know I’d be up late nights watching YouTube tutorials on how to produce beats all night long. I know I definitely wouldn’t be posting my nightly theme stories on Snapchat that’s for sure. Lol

My favorite social media page would have to be Facebook because…
Snapchat isn’t a social media page. Lol but on a serious note it is Facebook because it creates a portal that reaches out to so many people that I have affiliated with even before music came into the equation of my life. It’s also my favorite social website because I can keep in touch with my family overseas back home in Haiti who’s familiar with the site. If I told them to get on Twitter or Instagram and follow me on there it would take them some time to figure it out, so Facebook is my go to site for networking, sharing, and keeping in touch with my loved ones. What people will see going to my Facebook timeline would still be the nightly themes I share on Snapchat but in the formation of a status. Instead of looking into a camera talking to my snap fam in a 10 second video format I just type it in my status and place my hashtags of whatever the theme is for the day. #MyTheme with #DrewB on #Snapchat.

The top 3 things a fan should know about my music brand would…
First and foremost be lyrical content, secondly it would definitely be a profound unique creative sound, and lastly it would make an individual feel an uplifting higher power of positive energy.

You Treat Me Right (Featuring Bishop Wayne)
This is the 4th song on my most recent 2nd released EP entitled “Language Arts”. It’s initially about a woman who is self-sufficient, very independent, and maintains her self-dignity and self-worth. She knows what she wants in life and some characteristics about her would be that she’s diligent, faithful, thoughtful, dedicated, loyal, and also goal oriented. This woman has all the confidence within herself and she can careless what society or anyone else portrays her to be.
The writing process on how this song came about first began at my old job working at a call center for Verizon. This woman I’ve wrote about was ironically again a co-worker of mine and at the time it was written we were on the same team. I won’t reveal what her real name is for her personal protection. Moreover, on a daily basis of getting to know more about her, she definitely surprised me with her persona and charisma of how she carried herself. Unlike my previous song ‘Good Chance’ who was about an older woman, she’s was a young, beautiful, black Nubian Queen. The energy she shared while conversing with me just infused my well-being within and our conversations were never boring.
The department we worked in together was called the Credit Verification Center and there’s only two reasons why a customer would be referred to this department. First, it’s either to collect on any debt owed to Verizon in full (which may either be for residential services like Basic Phone, FiOS TV/Cable, High Speed Internet, Verizon Wireless services, or both) from the customer, or verifying their identity with the information provided when he or she placed an order for new/additional services. As a Credit Verification agent we have to protect our customers from identity fraud or collect on the associated debt if it’s confirmed that he or she owes it. Before a customer may obtain complete services with Verizon we have to either verify who the consumer is or collect all their debt. In this department we deal with personal/sensitive information on a daily basis from the consumers who calls us to establish services with Verizon, so it’s forbidden for any agent to have their cell phone, notebook, pen, paper, or anything that may be used to obtain customer’s information from the computer. None of which these items may be visible at the work station so I took the proactive approach to write this song in my virtual notepad whenever I was awaiting the next call or idled. As I was getting to know this Nubian Queen she just amazed me day after day so I was motivated to write this song not only because of her but also because at the time I wrote it, there was songs on the radio that seemed to be degrading our women instead of uplifting. Calling women out of their name and of their character of who they really are isn’t my forte so I thought to myself there really isn’t a song out there that motivates or speaks about women from a positive perspective (especially in the hip hop/rap genre).
I spoke to my music manager Keith Richardson about my theme of what I was going to write about and just like he had the immaculate idea of finding me a featured artist for my #1 song “Good Chance” that was also featured on AVA Live Radio in 2014, he found another indie recording artist who’s also from Plant City and his name is Bishop Wayne. When Keith introduced me to him I found out that he lived 10 minutes down the street from me and I didn’t even know it. When we finally met at my house I shared with him my idea and he thought it was great. We wrote this song in my sister’s huge, lifted, imperial blue Chevy Silverado pickup truck. We met at my house about 3 times just to rehearse in the pickup truck playing the instrumental beat and then a week later we went to record the song with the multi-platinum producer also known as my music engineer Bryan Tyson of DEEP Productions in Tampa, Florida.
I’ve been working with Bryan at DEEP since my first EP entitled “I Am DrewB” back in 2013 so when he heard the theme, our verses, and the production he was astonished and said “Drew, this is going to be a great song. I love it and this one will open up doors and opportunities for sure. You always have something remarkable to share and I know that God placed you here for a purpose.” After Bryan did his part to have our sound professionally mixed and mastered I emailed all the finalized tracks on the LAEP to my management team. Moreover, Keith was able to close a deal with Symphonic Distribution in the month of January and after Rich-Entertainment signed with them the Language Arts of hip hop is finally here. You can purchase your copy of the EP by going to www.amazon.com and type “Language Arts DrewB”.
The Upcoming Video..
The process of brainstorming the music video for this song is what we’re doing now. The collaborative idea of what the outcome of this music video will be like came from Bryan Tyson to work in sync with my photographer Emmit Dobbyn. The initial plan/theme that we’re going to approach in the creation process is to have scenery footage at a beach alongside with a woman that Bishop Wayne and I are describing in our verses. This song was originally composed and produced by James Garrison Summers and again my manager Keith knew of him back in 2012 and gave him my contact information. James heard the 5 tracks on my first EP on Soundcloud before he even met me in person and he texted me saying “I heard your music on Soundcloud man and you have an impeccable sound with great content. I’m looking forward into working with you.” The chemistry was great during the creation process of this song and he was always making me laugh. What was so amazing from working with him was his method of how he composed his production and when he explained his process to me it was just unheard of. I was there at his studio to just have a simple hook/melody placed which took about 10-15 minutes at the most and he would just call me to come through and hear the finalized beat within a week. I was just so astonished of what I heard I just had to share it with my snap fam on Snapchat and posted studio sessions/bloopers with James in my story. He not only produced/composed this song, but he also did 4 other tracks on this LAEP as well. As for who will be in this video, only the featured artist will be the main one in front of the camera and of course extras will be a part of it while dancers are in the background. The place will probably will probably be shot at Saint Pete Beach or Clearwater Beach sometime within the next week or two. Again this is still the brainstorming process right now but the music video is aimed to be released before the summer time and the distribution company we’re working with will take it into their hands from there.
The generalized platform in which I’d like to address as an artist along with the brand of my music is…
geared towards more of awakening the subconsciousness of the consumers. I want to help people realize that its more than what you see, envy, or idolize from celebrities, an athlete, or public figure. Focus on yourself and what can you do to better the lives of others around you and also from a global standpoint. As for myself, the way I can help exercise this to the best of my ability is by writing music the way I do and also creating the lane in which I’m in right now. This is what differentiates me from the next rap artist who’s going into or is in the same music genre as me. Being yourself is looked over (as usual) so I share my revelation with the people I interact with because it’s cliche to think this way. Though it’s so basic yet it’s 100 percent true so I remind myself on a daily basis to only be DrewB.


At this point in my career, the most important thing that I feel should be noted for is…
the time and effort writing my content, dedication, and consistency I’ve invested into my craft by seeing that the results are paying off for the greater good. Why? Only because it makes me feel satisfied as a recording artist to know that the consumer(s) are happy with what they’ve purchased and/or heard from me and that I’m doing it right. Once I feel I’m at that level of accomplishment that will only motivate me to continue to do it more and even better the next time around.
What’s coming up…
For my new gregorian year of 2016 I’m looking forward into doing a lot more shows

traveling out of state and also going overseas to perform, network with international DJs, and/or work with some artists too. Possibly all of the above if need be and I’m looking forward into extending my brand of music not only as an artist but also creating my I Am DrewB empire through this sound I’m sharing. There’s additional information of what’s to come that I have to disclose for the sole purpose of the label I’m signed to, but to any of my supporters/fans who has been with me since day one they can always get the exclusive rights of DrewB by watching my themes and stories on my favorite app. If you’re a potential fan and want those exclusive rights download the Snapchat app to be a part of the journey alongside with me! 😉

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