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I wrote this song after an ex-boyfriend told me that I was just “too much” for him. In retrospect, I WAS too much for him, meaning, I am a powerful person with a lot of energy and he didn’t want to deal with my energy!”- @ErinCarere

Live interview March 10 6:20 pm et
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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ERIN CARERE
Interview by Jacqueline Jax


In Hollywood…
I think it’s harder to be heard HERE than other cities, because of the sheer numbers of people. I have been signed to an Indie Label but the music industry is having a hard time making money right now and so the label folded. I feel like that was a rough shot, but I know that we musicians we always make music. We love it. It’s just trying to figure out new ways to make enough of a living doing it to sustain ourselves and meet as many new listeners and fans as possible. I don’t think people are closed off to one kind of music or another. Almost everyone I know, they love all kinds of music, from hip hop to pop to country to classical. Sure, people might have a preference, but the beauty of the internet is that we can connect to all kinds of music from around the world and find new songs to love.

How are you over coming the hurdles and pitfalls…
Keeping my attitude as positive as possible and finding ways to meet new people, hear new music. I think remaining a fan as well as a pro is really important. You gotta love what you do.

Social media…
I have fans from all over the world! I would never have been heard by people in Argentina or India or China if it weren’t for YouTube and twitter and people like Ava! Have you found any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?You know, being a musician, part of what we are doing is we are putting up our heart and soul into our music. It’s hard to keep working and working and working and feel like you might not be getting anywhere, and then the personal challenges I’ve faced, that a lot of people have gone through- eating disorders, bad relationships, trying to find a way to be an artist but stay relatively sane and healthy- I have to work very hard every day to put the drama into the songs and into the music. NOT my life!
Singles vs an album..
I like albums. I think I like letting an artist take me on a journey and as an artist I like taking people on that journey. The focus on singles, aka the focus on hits, actually feels so high pressure. You can burn out fast. I like exploring music. So personally I like albums better, because it gives you more time to take the whole journey. I’m not into the part of our modern culture that is constantly work work work work (thanks, Rihanna!) and busy busy busy busy. It’s a mindset, not necessarily that way life is supposed to be. So I like having time for work, and time for music, and time for exploring as an artist. It’s important. You only get one life. You have to do what you can to make it your own work of art, whatever is important to you personally. Talk about the differences in your marketing strategy to support your preference. Well. That said, I don’t always have the money to put out a whole album, so sometimes I’m putting out singles instead, because I don’t like to go too long without putting out music.

I’ve been singing…
since before I could speak, practically! I used to stand at the top of the stairs in my childhood home and deliver concerts singing nonsense. I grew up singing in church every week until I went to music school!

In general, I am classically trained…
hooked on pop, and schooled in soul. I’m like Josh Groban meets Adele, like Andrea Bocelli meets Bette Midler meets Norah Jones. I sing a little bit of everything, and yet all in MY voice, so that we go on this musical journey together.

Too Much…
I wrote this song after an ex-boyfriend told me that I was just “too much” for him. In retrospect, I WAS too much for him, meaning, I am a powerful person with a lot of energy and he didn’t want to deal with my energy! I want to be clear that I am NOT Too Much for me. His feelings about me were that I was “Too much” and while it was disappointing, it also was liberating because it showed me that the guy was just not right for me!

The filming of the music video was…
kind of amazing. Originally I was going to shoot the video with one dancer choreographer who kept flaking on our practice sessions. Because it was a no budget shoot, the filmmakers and I had planned ahead for months exactly how everything was going to go down- we were driving from Los Angeles to the dry lake bed/ desert area and staying overnight at some crappy cheap hotel so we could get up at the crack of dawn to film the video during sunrise (and later, at sunset.) The first dancer/ choreographer, after three months of planning, called me four days ahead of time and asked if we could move it to the next week. I felt like he was just going to keep postponing and felt like a drain, so I fired him on the spot (it was impulse) and then thought, “uh oh!” Never one to stay stuck for long, I called a woman I had met in an ashram in India the year previous, who I knew was a choreographer. I told her (Joelle Martinec, a genius! You’ve seen her on Glee, perhaps) my woes and within an hour she had Marko Germar, from “So You Think You Can Dance” and in three days we choreographed and rehearsed the piece, and kept our plans in tact. The video turned out so beautiful and I am so proud of it, and us!


I live in Hollywood, where there is a lot of competition but no one quite like me! I love the cabaret venues, as well as the singer-songwriter venues. A little more intimate, a place to have an emotional musical experience. Tell me about one fun thing you like to do that can be music or non-music related.I collect four and five leaf clovers!

Music business…
The whole game is changing right now, so much, so fast, and in ways none of us really understand. I love the fact that I can reach and meet people all over the world via the internet without being on a huge label, just me with my wifi and my laptop- and I can broadcast my concerts around the world too!

Coming up…
I am broadcasting/ streaming a gig I have here March 11th in Hollywood via so that anyone can pay whatever they like, as little as a dollar, and watch me sing live!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
David Foster! This guy has discovered some of my favorite artists. He’s reputed to be a song and musical genius who can remember every song he’s ever heard. He’s an incredible songwriter and, honestly, I want him to discover ME!

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