Music is the only thing that keeps me sane, so,
the business of it is entertaining and all I’ve found is support along the way @dylansheamusic/

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DYLAN SHEA
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Dylan Shea

Music is the only thing that keeps me sane, so,
the business of it is entertaining and all I’ve found is support along the way.

I’ve definitely found a lot of people that are passionate
about music and about making a difference through words and music. I think that is the biggest ‘pro’ that I can attest to within the music industry. The local scene, especially, is where you’ll find some of the most passion and definitely the most support amongst fellow musicians. So that’s the best thing I’ve found so far. However, I’ve also found people that write music with the sole purpose of becoming famous and making a lot of money, and to me that is disrespectful to the music industry. I can’t agree with that kind of sentiment. Sure, I get it, money is nice and you should be proud to be rewarded for working hard and making music that people have responded to. But if you’re not trying to make a difference in the world… then what are you doing? That’s the biggest ‘con’ I’ve faced so far.

Struggling is the key to success. You will never speak to a successful person and have them say that they have never failed nor struggled to get to where they are now. I say never with confidence on that, too. You have to embrace the struggle and understand why it is that you’re facing problems. Where is the root of the problem, and how can you overcome it? You definitely have to utilize your resources too; people and their experiences and wisdom are probably the most important resources that you have in this world. So make new friends every day and ask them meaningful questions about their life! Have real conversations with those around you! That’s what life is made for.

Bob Dylan, no doubt about it.
Other than being named after him, I want to speak with the man who spoke so fearlessly for a generation that felt like they were being kept silent. He is an amazing writer with an uncanny ability to tell stories that represent an entire group of people; he started meaningful conversations about tragic and horrific scenes in the world around him. He was fearless in a fearful world, and that’s admirable.

I was raised on music, and I was especially taught the impact of lyrics.
I was named after Bob Dylan, and was raised on his music and other folk/rock greats that sent meaningful, impactful messages with their music. So, being constantly inspired by the music I was raised on to make a difference in the world, music and words were the most obvious outlet for me to begin making that impact with.


The song is about a rediscovery of the one true desire in life;
simply to be wanted. I had been struggling mentally for some time before sitting down to write this song. I felt like I was trapped by something I couldn’t explain, constantly being weighed down and broken by my own thoughts. So I set out to find where it was that I could be ‘free’ from these thoughts and feelings. On my ‘journey’ I left myself completely vulnerable and open to any experience that may drag me to any destination. After constantly looking for something external and tangible that might free me, all I could find that was meaningful was my own reflection. And then I realized that was it: I felt alone and like nobody was on my side. The song is about impatience in finding the “meaning of life” or your true passion and purpose in existence, when in reality, the only thing we can be asked to do in our lives is to love and to be loved in return. We need to be wanted, more than we want to be wanted.

Wanted will be available (as well as the rest of my album) on Spotify, iTunes, Google play, Tidal, and Deezer on October 1. There is no link available, yet, but it has UPC code: 0885014616641 and can be found on any of the above stores by searching ‘Dylan Shea Wanted.’

Each song in my album talks about a different way
that people may have struggled mentally/emotionally or about something that I see as harmful to human existence; something that threatens harmony within the world. Songs that talk about problems in our society – like ‘Flesh & Bone’ and ‘Alone’ – do so as a plea for revelation within the listener. I try to evoke the sentiment that the way that we have evolved to think or act is toxic and harmful. ‘Flesh & Bone’ talks about how our perspective on the world as adults has changed dramatically since we were kids. This is a verse, spoken from an adult’s perspective:
“Nothing save the outcome is of use, says the lonely man who’s searching for the truth. And ‘neath those tired eyes there is a past, but what does it mean when tomorrow comes so fast?”

As compared to a child’s perspective:
“Wide eyes full of wonder never close. A young boy loves a world he doesn’t know.”
Songs about mental struggles focus on an individual constantly searching for something beyond the beauty and opportunity that stares them in the face every single day. Like ‘Just Another Night’ which says:
“I always end up here, alone and in the cold. Outside looking up for something that every day I’m told. And I know my heart was built to roam.”

I even have a breakup song, which was a surprise to me, when I first wrote it.
It’s called ‘Anymore’ and talks about a forever-kind-of-love gone wrong, leaving me alone and helpless. But what I learned – after many, many time units of loathing and pitying, I should mention – is that I don’t have to be sad that a love of mine got away. I had all of these wonderful experiences and memories that I could cherish for the rest of my life. Beautiful days spent with a great person by my side. Why would I try to forget that? I realized that it was the love, the feeling of being wanted – there I go again – that I was missing, and not so much the person.

I think this album represents my generation extremely well,
but in a way that nobody else is trying to do. What I’m doing is talking about the issues that I know that me and my peers are struggling with daily, and fighting for everyone listening to pull through and find happiness. I want to make a difference and speak for my generation in a bold way that shows that I’m fighting for everyone to find what makes them happy.


I currently live in Seattle, WA.
So, obviously, the music scene is amazing here! Lots of coffeehouses and pub venues, as well as eccentric local music venues with quirky murals and even more eclectic listeners! People here are incredibly supportive and welcoming in the music community and I couldn’t ask for a better environment.


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