This song is about the struggle against haters
while trying to survive in the street and working towards your goals regardless of the situation.

Live interview 
Episode #364 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW BIG STAC
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Big Stac with Stac ’em up Records and Productions

I like the music business.

The Pros are: I have a lot of fun, I meet new people,
put a little extra monies in my pocket and get more exposure for Big Stac and Stac’em up Records and Productions

The cons are: Nothing happens overnight.

So far I get better results releasing singles.
I haven’t tried releasing a physical album in retail stores yet but on the internet, I have gotten better results with singles so far with social media and traffic exchanges.

I like the fact that people can find me
if they are looking on social media otherwise they put limits or cap the views to my posts when I share my music. but I found that email blast websites and traffic exchanges have a higher closing rate then, social media so I prefer those tools so far to get me out there or seen but I do use them all.

I have found that being original is better than being trendy
because trends tend to fade away rather quickly but I do emphasize on being up to date and current with the music studio in my artistic decisions.

I turn struggles into triumphs by remembering
that it’s not the situation but how you react and respond to it, and by taking action and steps toward overcoming the struggle.

I live my life on my own terms with good time management,
planning and prioritizing. I can jump into a project with both feet or not do it at all. not working all the time. Realizing that it takes time to get out there and I have to live my life too.

One person, I would like to meet for 5 min.
would be probably Be Real from cypress hill. Reason being that that’s the first tape I ever bought and liked on my own when I was around 11 or 12 years old. Although I was just a listener at that time but It really inspired me and let me know that it was possible to be a rapper if I ever wanted to.

One day, I was with some friends
that were freestyling and they talked me into trying it. I decided from there I wanted to produce music and keep rapping weather I “made it” or not.

Real Bo$$ Fa$hion (Remix) Edited Radio Version

This song is about the struggle against haters
while trying to survive in the street and working towards your goals regardless of the situation.

I wrote this song when I was homeless living
in “The Life” as they call it in the streets for 2 years in Sacramento Ca. Some of it was things I experienced some of it was the things I’ve seen.

I wrote this song back in 2004.
I finally got enough money in 2010 to afford my music equipment which is now Stac ’em up Records and Productions. I originally recorded and produced this song in 2011, Remixed it this year in 2016, and its on ReverbNation forward slash bigstac, SoundCloud forward slash bigstac and you can download it at forward slash bigstac.

You can expect a steady flow of new singles,
videos and also some merchandise coming soon from Big Stac and Stac ’em up Records and Productions. You can also expect the Replicated physical cd coming soon which will sound a lot better quality then the mp3. What is special about it is the super articulated, crisp clear instruments, vocals and sounds, Mixed with gorilla rhymes that create different pictures.

I stay in Pueblo Colorado right now where the music scene
isn’t that big but it does seem to be growing. besides local bars and restaurants, there’s not a whole lot of places to go in pueblo, wich leaves me time to focus on the music.


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