The business is important.Through the business we going forward and it gives us an incentive to continue writing music @giselalopezjos1

Live Interview
Episode #395

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The business is important.
Through the business we going forward and it gives us an incentive to continue writing music.

Our huge passion give us always new energy
and we permitted to overcome any obstruction.

Talk about the differences in your marketing strategy to support your preference.

We feel very encouraged because music is a constant challenge
and it’s not easy to find the right words, it’s not easy to make an arrangement to have something new, something original, something which represent, our feeling, something for leave a trace of ourselves.

We make concerts, we publish CDs, we have a manager,
but our stronger strategy is our communication with the people.

Through the social,
our image spreads more rapidly and through them we present all our news, day after day.

Gisela: If the life can do a miracle,
I would like to stay with my father.

Giovanni: I would like to stay with Mark Knopfler.

We think whatever can be trend,
but only if it’s authentic, if it’s not a protocol, but if it’s true and credible in regard to ourselves and of other.

We love any music,
if the music comes from the soul and if it get you a strong emotion.

Giovanni Caruso: I always had so much love for the music.
When I was child I liked to listen several music genres (classical, rock, pop, popular, folk, jazz). I loved to sing the songs and elaborate the music with my arrangements on the piano (my first instrument). Then I fell in love with the guitar. I studied classical guitar, composition and orchestra direction.

Gisela Lopez: I started to love music when I heard my first melody,
a Venezuelan song called Padre Pancho. So I started to listen, in all musical genres, I enrolled in a choir and, wherever I’m, I can’t stay without my music.

Un Ratito

Three years ago we started to work together.
We started with some arrangements of famous Latin American songs. Through the making music together, there was a precious exchange between my classical music culture and the cultural and musical South American background of Gisela. Last year Gisela showed me her beautiful text (she wrote a lot of texts!). Some her reflections of life, of the simple and important things of the life. I thought: i would be happy and excited to write music on this text!: We wrote “Que es la vida”

Last summer we thought to write a new particular latin salsa,
with an emotion to be transmitted.

Its name is Un Ratito.
Our dream is always the same: we want to live a sign, we want to dig deep in the soul.

It’s a story of love.
Un Ratito born with the desire to involve people with a special rhythm of sauce, which is a fusion of body, heart and mind

We would like to make always music.
We would like to play our music around the world a we would like to live a sign of love in the people.


We live in Rome.
The music scene in our town is sufficient but could be possible to do more. For us, the funniest thing is to live the life!


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