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The music business… can be difficult without the right people around you. As much as id like to forget about the business aspect I can’t because I’ll be vulnerable to be taken advantage of.” – @jeanmichaels_

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JEAN MICHAELS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The music business…
can be difficult without the right people around you. As much as id like to forget about the business aspect I can’t because I’ll be vulnerable to be taken advantage of. The pros are that there are people who want to work with you and make money with you in this industry, the cons are that there are people will make money off you in a way that isn’t in your best interest, its all about who you align yourself with. I overcome the negatives by taking it a day at a time ya know. College Dropout wasn’t created in one night, it takes time to get things perfect.

I like social media…
for the networking aspect but hate it for its ability to make people feel secure in slandering others. A lot of things said online people would never say in person. I get hate comments on my Youtube videos from “Jean Michaels Interview Answers” time to time and I just learned to accept that these people aren’t completely satisfied with their lives. That’s why they take the time to scrutinize those they don’t know online. Once I realized that it became easy to ignore them.

Choosing to release albums over Singles depends on your hype at the time….
If you’re an underground artist you need to build up anticipation for your project or album, and that’s what the single is for. Use the single to get your name buzzing and then once the anticipation is built up for the album that’s when you hit the people with it.
Jean Michaels

I would love to have 5 minutes with my father…
“pause,” but because he passed before I really got a chance to know him. That’s the person who I wish I could speak too more than anything.

Music trends…
Man that’s a hard one. It’s like music sets the trend… And if you’re a student of hip hop you can see that. It’s never worked for anyone to conform to a style just because its trendy. In order to be accepted in the industry you have to establish your own sound, then you become the trend. So I always keep it original .

I am most afraid of not taking the shot…
Not taking the shot and the pain of not knowing would hurt more the pain of missing, but I’m not going to miss.

My personal definition of success is…
being successful at what you’re passionate about. As grateful as I am for my past successes I just don’t feel comfortable saying that I’m proud of anyone yet because I know just how hungry I am to reach my ultimate goal, being one of the greatest artists to ever live.

My overall goal in my life and career is…
to touch people and inspire them with my words man. People will tell me that they listen to my music at crucial points in their lives and it inspires them, that means the world to me.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how it moves towards my goal.

1.) Hard work. Nothing is attained without hard work at some point. Hard work is a pre requisite for success in any area.

2.) Authenticity. This industry is based on relationships, and the longest relationships I’ve had have come from me being authentic with those people.

3.) Creativity. No matter what I remember that as an artist my responsibility is to CREATE, not RE CREATE. Creating will provide something new to the world, something from me no one else can make.

Rap started for me at an early age…
My stepfather use to always take my brothers and I on road trips to and from Virginia and New Jersey because of family members in both states. During the road trips my stepfather had an instrumental cd, filled with beats that were popular around the time. (2002- 2003) I fell in love with it at first because it brought my family closer to one another, spilling out our honest thoughts while driving hours on the road.

You can always expect great melodies…
great beats, and you will always get great messages. My music is very poetic but in an entertaining way.

I live in Traplanta Georgia…
where the music is heavily 808 influenced. Although I have heard a myriad of perspectives on that sound, some are more melodic and some are really 808 driven. Anywhere in Atlanta is dope honestly, they’re a lot of creative here and personally that’s why I enjoy being around so its great for me. I love to sit back and assess how artistic everything in life is.. Like I can sit in a random chair at Lenox Mall, listen to music and imagine scenarios people walking by are going through. It stimulates my imagination, the possibilities and vast range of experiences people are having.. Its beautiful.

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