“Today’s technology gives us more chances to find opportunities than before. At the same time, labels are waiting for us to do a lot of promotion before they get interested ! Doing this is a full time job! It takes numerous working hours which are not dedicated to music and it can be way very frustrating sometimes!” – @AlchiMyMusicTrio

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ALCHIMY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
The actual technology gives us more chances to find opportunities than before. At the same time, labels are waiting for us to do a lot of promotion before they get interested ! Doing this is a full time job! It takes numerous working hours which are not dedicated to music and it can be way very frustrating sometimes!

However, it is clear that if we sign with a Label we would have more time to dedicate ourselves to music! Nevertheless, we do take time we need to create our music but at the end, a day is still only 24 hours!!!

Regarding the hurdles and pitfalls…
of the music business we still are experiencing hoping that everything will be ok! We try to keep our eyes wide and wild opened but what matters the most is not how many time we fall but how many time we get back on our feet again !

Social media…
We wanted our music to be listened by the largest number of people and social medias are a good way to make it happen. Social media allow us to be directly in touch with the people who like our music and to create an intimate connection with them wherever they come from! Social media also gives us the possibility of finding more easily partners and contracts in the music business and industry! I mean it came up that we are to appear on three compilations CDs this year in NY, USA, because we posted our music on the net. This could have been way far more difficult without social medias. A soon as we had displayed our Album online, we considerably increased our workload! Managing all the various aspects of our career such as Live concerts, videos clip, new singles in English, video clip of these new singles, writing the second album, making photo shoots, answering to all the fans, plus many other aspects of the our musical career development is a work which asks for a very big organization as long as we do all those things by ourselves !

This is and still is a really big challenge!
That’s the reason why having the possibility of creating and playing full time music would be a very big enjoyment ! It definitely will be !

Singles vs an album…
That’s the way it works nowadays. It is useful to release singles first rather than an album. First because it is cost less, and second because it helps to refill social medias continuously during the year. We think that it helps to keep our audience in alert by constantly looking for news from us.

Having brought out our first album Chercheur d’Or, our strategy is now to bring out some singles and video clip before bringing out the second album ! We also make grow up our audience on the internet! A video clip from a song of our first album is going to come out in March, 2016! We will be, in July, 2016 in Los Angeles USA, working on an English single with a very talented producer ! A video clip of that English single will probably come out in Fall, We also continue the promotion of our first album with various contracts in particular in New York and with you Jacqueline Jax!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with
Peter Gabriel because we think his music is splendid, so sincere and creative !
According to us he has always showed honesty with his music, he also brought a lot of help to other musicians and he likes the music of the whole world ! He really gets involved in the music world.

Music trends…
It is more a question of finding the best way to show our identity and how to develop it in a way that corresponds to the evolution of our music than a question of being current and trendy ! Moreover, being current and trendy is very subjective and versatile.

I am most afraid of…
Loosing the freedom to totally create our music in its most real and simple expression !

My personal definition of success is…
Living out of our creativity and keep on doing it!

We began together doing covers of musicians we admire…
such as Tracy Chapman, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, and many others. The night just after a concert, we felt like something was missing. We did really enjoyed the moment but the stories were not quite ours. We think We just needed to share our own music and words, that night we took that big decision! It was on June the 21st of 2009. From now on we were going to make our own compositions! That means we had everything to learn concerning music theory such as harmony and arrangements !

Loane who is the musical composer of our band put himself into the composition and worked approximately 5 hours every evening! I, Nathalie, began to write the lyrics and had to learn the vocal melodies composition! I write now most of the lyrics for the band as well as I create the vocal melodies and harmonies and Celine started to work the vocal arrangements!

We surely had a lot to work and we keep on ! The pleasure to create our own songs, to write, play and sing what is important to us, what is in our hearts has no comparison! We talk about emotions and feelings This is so much more rewarding, as direct journey to happiness!

This decision has been a crucial moment in our evolution and a big challenge! A jump into the unknown… A 90° bend in our lives. We all had to accommodate to this new goal.

But when we just look back to the journey we went through, from the very beginning to the production of our first album. From the moment we spread it on the net to the cons we now have with the music industry, we can truly say it worth all the efforts deployed.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
Making our music career full time and last as long as possible!”
Keeping on creating songs and being paid for that as much as performing all over the world on the most famous stages! This won’t be possible without having a strong and honest collaboration with great musicians and great partnership with the music industry such as recording companies, labels, producers, etc…

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.

1) Going around making unknown people listening to our music and asking them what they think of it !

2) Working every day !

3) Always thinking of how we could do better and doing it !

The Album « Chercheur d’Or» was…
written during 2014 and recorded, mixed and mastered during the 2015 year ! Because we wanted the purest and the warmest sound for all the instruments we used in that album such as cello, piano, electro-acoustic and electric guitars, organ, drum kit, clarinet, saxophone, percussion and a lot of vocal recording, we chose to record our first album in the very beautiful studio “La Buissonne“ in South of France! This studio is made of wood ! It confers a warm and pure acoustic sound that perfectly match with the sound we where looking for! The most natural possible sound!

Our music is made out of a balance between…
the rhythm, the melody and the meaning! This album speaks about human kind and what is beautiful about it! It’s a journey through out the universe of feelings who express themselves without violence, just for the truth of what they are!

The rhythm and the groove rather than the strength, which speak about the movement and the passing of time as songs go on, tell simple human stories ! This album speaks about deep feelings and tolerance! We turned the extraordinary into the beauty of ordinary people stories ! In order to highlight the beauty of simplicity and how this can brought comfort, breath, and peace spaces in our hearts !

We wanted our fans to feel…
that we are natural people doing a profound and simple music because this is who we are !

The main objective of this album is…
to introduce our-self to the public ! To increase our visibility to the musical industry and fans, followers, friends, media, radios, TV and internet! It was a wonderful experience that will lead us to the next step !

During the process of recording sessions we discover a special musical feeling that leads us to the second album ! This is the magic of music ! One album gives a straight ride to the second one as an obvious fact.

Loane : Basically, I wrote this song to describe (through my eyes) the perfect relationship between a mother and her son and the love one could feel to another. I figured out how one should behave toward the other, how it is to feel safe and to know that you’re loved and respected in your choice, I mean even if they are not accepted or understood. Then I realized this story could feet any relationship, even friends, brothers and sisters and even strangers… I may be a dreamer, but that’s the way I aim to behave.

We arrived at the studio with an acoustic version of this song and a clear vision of the arrangements. We wanted cellos and hammond on this one to give a bit of western Folk like atmosphere. When the musicians arrived at the studio, we decided to spend an hour to rehearse the song all together just to get in the mood! At that very moment an unexpected vibration between us all appeared and this alchemy has created a transformation of the song! Just like an evidence, the general enthusiasm settled down an generic tempo mode concerning the end of the song! At that time we where sharing an intense creativity that led to a continuous ascending energy throughout the song! This has been a crazy moment! As soon as we had recorded the first track, we realized what just happened as a magic out of time moment of pure creation ! Then as we were going through the recording and arrangement process with a touch of excitement, we just used all the instruments ! At
the end of the day, the whole studio was looking upside down !



We live in Geneva, Switzerland….
The musical scene here is quite electro, rock and jazz like. We have some big stages, but also small bar like stages.

There are Many places to go for musical scenes in Switzerland such as The Montreux Jazz Festival, The Pale o Festival in Nyon, the Gurten Festival in Bern, the Rock’O’ Zarenes in Avenches, the Caribana Festival! And others.
We could write song in elevators as much as in a submarine or even on the moon (if it could be possible), sitting and dreaming of a new constellation! We love to write songs and we do it everywhere! Really everywhere !


AlchiMy indie music

Loane : Founder of the band, Composer, guitarist,cclarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, singer, Composer of the melodies and vocal harmonies !

AlchiMy indie band

Nathalie Founder of the band, Singer, lyric writer in french and english, Composer of the vocal melodies and harmonies !

AlchiMy music

Céline : Founder, Singer, Musical

Our music is based on Folk Music first then Blues and Rock. What is musically important for us is to be transported by different musical styles we listen to. We create a fusion of these various musical styles which gives our own identity. We let our minds and souls to be sincerely touched by any kind of influences that we have found and loved along the way. The rhythm, the words as well as songs melodies are the main keys which defines us. We use vocal harmonies to allow to pass the feelings and the vibrations which are going to touch our Fan’s heart.

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