Jontavian Barber

I feel as if the music business is…
a place where people express their feelings and you find out a lot you didn’t know about some people. It teaches you things you need to know to better yourself. – Jontavian Barber  HYTB @hirocrecords

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I feel as if the music business is…
a place where people express their feelings and you find out a lot you didn’t know about some people. It teaches you things you need to know to better yourself.

Some pros and cons that I have experienced were…
securities and drawbacks like hateful comments and loved ones and family not supporting you, which eventually changed. Some pros are the support system that you do have disregarding the fact that you didn’t have the support from the people that mattered and learning how to deal with my insecurities and actually having some form of proof that you have been working to better yourself referring to myself.

Singles vs. an album…
(Management Answer) Oliver Taylor is my Manager and CEO of HI ROC RECORDS. We preferred to release Singles vs. an Album because it gives us the opportunity to test the market. For example, we released Jontavian’s Single “Remember” and the song received 83,000 plays on soundcloud. This demonstrated to us that the consumer preferred single songs online to album. Base on sales, streaming music generates more revenue than Albums.

Our strategy is to follow up with more singles. Jay Z has been very successful with dropping Singles. This strategy allows us to build the anticipation for the Album. Only Beyoncé can drop albums and be successful.

Social media…
is a place where I can be myself, show off my talents, and get to know new people, hear their stories and visualize how people express their love for you.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Beyoncé because she is very inspirational. She is a very humble person and I love the way that she puts power and time into her music. I would just love to hold a conversation with her because she is a legend and she is very inspirational to me. I’m inspired by her because she has that drive and the experience on stage to where she makes she feel like you can do it if you don’t give up in yourself.

I don’t feel like there is too much emphasis on being trendy…
but I feel like it does have its drawbacks at times but if you don’t give up you will see that there is more to it than just being trendy you can actually empower others and make them feel good about themselves too.

My favorite music quote or inspirational quote is… “Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper”

I’ve always been interested in music…
and I’ve always had a feel for it, and people always told me that I had the talent but I never had anything behind it to show what I was actually capable of singing so I made my first single.

The song remember is based on a past relationship and how at one moment it would be good and the next moment it would be bad and it basically went over how I remembered the situation.

There is a backstory on how it was written because the past relationship that inspired me to write the song had an impact on how I was feeling which led to the creation of the song.

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You can expect for my music…
to be very understanding and meaningful. I just feel like some artist make music with no true meaning and I wanted this track to also be relatable because there are so many people in the world who have went through a terrible breakup. This song used as a mood changer to help vent and or express how they actually feel. I wish to accomplish much with my single/ album in the future. Exposure, and music that everyone can relate to while in there cars listening to the radio jamming to my song /songs.

Atlanta, Georgia
The music scene in my area is very expanded. It ranges from hip-hop and R&B to rap and soulful singing, but in my area most know that rap dominates. You can never go wrong with a song that everyone can dance and turn up to.

One fun thing that I like to do (MUSIC RELATABLE) is imitate people make people laugh and I am very athletic and energetic. I run track, swim, and of course I love to sing and hang around with people who keep the good vibes going.

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