Band Name: Our band is called ”In stride”

The band members 
Chris Muldoon(Drums)
Ryan Rossano(Bass)
Dan Rogers (Guitar)
Phil Capanelli (Guitar)
John Catapano (Vocals)

Vocalist for In Stide : John catapano
I am a 23 year old singer/songwriter living in Long Island NY.  My dream is to write songs and help people feel good
about themselves through the bad times in their life and of course all the good times. A true freedom of expression can go such a long way!  I always wrote poetry and loved writing stories just recently I learned how to play guitar and met a great bass player who became a good friend of mine together we shared song ideas and decided to put together this band in honor of a dear friend we lost in a car accident .

Song name: Tonight
Music Genre: Alternative Rock Indie Rock Garage Rock

Tonight was written about that feeling of youth and motivation when your still standing after all you’ve been through in life. It’s keeping the faith and having a renewed hope for the future. We love playing music together as a band and sharing ideas its like a wild energy we all share and we come to together as one in the moment like a celebration of being alive. Its truly beautiful.

Link to play::


Who have been the most influential in your music?
There is so many influences I hate to single any out but our main influences are the Beatles/ the strokes/ the doors/ the killers all of these bands share such great emotions and words/ music when i heard them the first time I was in shock an immediately knew i wanted to make a band someday.

Favorite instrument?
I love to start writing a song on acoustic guitar and then later recording a rough demo of it using garage band right in the comfort of my room so many ideas can happen its unreal! after the demo I share the idea with the rest of the band and they add their parts and we all collaborate together we practice and hit a studio recording the songs live with a few takes.

I live with..
parents. I spend my time at my day job 40 hours a week but at the same time I am writing new material/ poetry always trying to have new ideas coming about.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

What have you focused on this past month?
I have mostly been focusing on my current job as a civil service worker and our music as a band I just cant stop when i go for something i put everything into it always keeping hope.

What are 3 things you’ve learned this past year?
I have never be afraid to fail, always try and keep a positive mind set, live for now and not your past..

What are you most looking forward to this next year?
Playing gigs all over NY and recording more music!

Website & social media links:
Instagram – @instridemusicLI

Article by: Jacqueline Jax
Music Journalist A.V.A Live Radio