Independent Artist Delilah Latina Princess Experiences Changes in The Music Industry

Delilah Latina

The music industry has changed drastically
and it’s helpful for us solo artists to have management groups behind us because that will help us gain more exposure. And I go to my management group, Ionz media for advice, counseling, development, promo, etc -Delilah Latina Princess  @DelilahLatinaP.

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


The music industry has changed drastically
and it’s helpful for us solo artists to have management groups behind us because that will help us gain more exposure. And I go to my management group, Ionz media for advice, counseling, development, promo, etc

Pros and cons are hmm…
well pros are that as an independent artist. I can write lyrics that are relevant to my life. I don’t have to be controlled by anyone above me telling me to change this or change that. I can collaborate with anyone that I want to or any one wants to collaborate with me. I do have friends in the industry I ask for advice. My producer friends, DJ friends, artist friends. But I don’t have to change my vision. Unless I want to. Cons are pretty much the same.

I think, for all artists.
Because of streaming etc. the amount of money an artist gets paid is minimal. Mostly an artist get paid for performances.

It’s cool releasing singles vs album.
I feel a vibe and a melody. I create the song. It goes in to at least a month of promos and record pools and then it’s released. And that one song will get all of the attention that it needs and is striving for. It helps me gage the demographic individually with each song that I make.

Social media is very important to me.
I have 3 Facebook pages. Instagram, Twitter, Linkedon, Reverbnation. I can get to know more people a little more personally and let them know about my music and what’s happening in my life. It’s a platform that I can interact with my fans on so many different levels

I’d Love to have 5 min alone with Prince.
I’d ask him his favorite song that he sang. His favorite guitar solo, his inspirations, he’s an iconic musical genius. I admire that he wrote his own music. Played all of the instruments or most in his songs. He arranged and produced him. He’s amazing.

Yes I find that people can be too trendy.
Trendy in the fact that then they limit their ability to let go and be creative. Balance can be hard. When I’m ready to come out with a song I do get opinions from friends that I musically respect. And then I decide from there.

My favorite music quote is…

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

My father was in a band and he sang and wrote his own music.
He passed away but then my married later and my step father would take our family to dances and i fell in love with music immediately, my inspirations grew. I never wrote songs till a few years ago. I never really felt totally 100% percent singing other artists songs. Don’t get me wrong. I loved them but I felt it was never my style. I actually was in a dream when I wrote my first song. I dreamt the first verse chorus and melody. I guess in a weird way I was also my own inspiration!

Party Till We Drop…
Party Till We Drop is about a night between 2 lovers , clubbers, the night, music and the chemistry of everything together. A tribute to confident, bold, powerful, fun, flirty men and woman who push it to the limit. I wrote this song pertaining to one of my party nights with this guy that i had chemistry with.

Support the artist: https://www.beatport.com/track/partytillwedroporiginalmix/6343142

DJ Cubanito, Award Winning Producer/Remixer/.
Produced Gloria Trevi, Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Fernandez, David Bisbal, Ricky Martin, and many others, had promoted a previous song of mine and said the next song he wanted to produce. So I told him that i had this song I wrote Party Till We Drop. He said ok so him and his team. KlubJumpers started the production on it.

It was produced in Texas.
I recorded the vocals and mixed and mastered at Pressure Point Studios in Chicago.

My music is songs..
That make you dance, jive to, groove to. motivational songs that empowers you! Feeling like your on top of the world. Expect interesting music with melodic changes and surprises. I’d love for my music to touch people worldwide.

Delilah Latina 3

I live in Chicago.
The music scene is huge!!! I love go clubs that have EDM in one room and Latin night in another. I’ll go to Soundbar sometimes, Martini Club, and the Mid.

My latest hangout spots is…
Kingston Mines for live Blues. I love the Blues. Chicago is such a diversified music community and I proud to call it home.


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