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Hello, my name is Donny Vega, I am artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I rap, produce and write my own songs. I am currently 19 years of age and looking to chase my dream of being a globally renowned musical artist. @Donnyvega

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DONNY VEGA
by Jacqueline Jax

Starting Early…
I started doing music after years of writing poetry and helping my brother write his lyrics. I started writing poetry when I was 8 years-old to release all of the thoughts I had in my head. I started recording my songs when I was 16 as my brother finally finished his home studio and connected with a childhood friend of his that became our Engineer and here we are today.

“Say Wassup”…
That song was written after I turned 19 and was officially legal in Canada to go to the club. It was my first experience in a large venue with music blasting, drinking going on etc. It’s really about the energy and aura I felt and read while I was there, reading how people stood to make them seem more “bossy” and “cool”, chilling with their crews etc. and the song really came together after that. I had a beat I was struggling on writing to at home and after that experience the song basically poured out of me when I got home and I wrote it in 20 minutes – then I recorded it the following weekend. Funny thing is that song took a loooong time to finish recording, it was my first time at that genre of rap, but it made me way better as an artist.

Toronto, Canada…
The music scene in Toronto right now is absolutely incredible. So much new talent is coming from here and tons of music scouts are coming here due to the recent explosion of artist coming from here doing some major things, (ie. PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd, Drake etc.) It’s really coming to fruition and growing as the city itself grows too. My favorite place to go has always been Nathan Philips Square, just because it’s basically a mini Times Square and it’s always flamboyant and full of life. My favorite thing to do while in Toronto is to shop and explore, as I previously stated the city is growing so quickly and due to that the fashion scene and overall lifestyle has skyrocketed with many new things to check out and do.

Visiting California…
I recently just got back from California to promote my music and make new connections. I honestly fell in love with the city as soon as I landed. There’s this distinct energy and vibe there and the air is always cool, fresh and relaxing due to there being so many large bodies of water surrounding the city. I love it. I never performed in the US though, it’s something I look forward to.

Kanye West ….
I just love how he’s not afraid to show the world that he’s still finding himself. That it’s okay to make mistake after mistake because at the end of the day, the product and art he releases is genius, genuine and so fresh and new. His heart is always in it. Which you can’t say for about 85% of Hip-Hop artist nowadays. His music has always influenced me because it’s always different and just above the rest. Personally, YEEZUS is one of my favorite albums of all time. You can protest to his music, cry to it and party to it. So multi-faceted. I went to his concert for the YEEZUS Tour date in Toronto and honestly, he just gave it his all, for 3 hours he was yelling, talking to the crowd, performing, dancing, etc. You can just tell he loves what he does, and he loves his fans, and that honestly meant so much to me.

Trends and finding a balance…
I struggled with that for a long time because I don’t make music about drugs and being a gangster or the generic stuff that’s on the radio… I always try to be 2-3 even 4 steps ahead and people constantly sleep on me because of that. Also, my music is usually written while I’m living vicariously through someone so my processes are different. I’m not like the rest. But over the last year I have learned to accept that and embrace it because I know my music can be legendary if I remain different. Every thing takes time and my time will eventually come.

Music wise. Being a trendsetter. If I can ever make artist want to change their sound because they think my sound is just that incredible – then I’ve done an amazing, extraordinary thing. It’ll set me up ultimately to be a leader – and that’s what I am, a leader. Life wise. Being able to live life freely and being happy with the decisions and product that I make… Being able to provide for my family so they don’t have to go through the normal stresses of life. I’m willing to accept that responsibility because it’ll only make me better musically and mentally.

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