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To be successful you must first understand what your definition of success is. Work hard and don’t let negativity stop you from your success. Be willing to sacrifice to get your success. Have a plan and stick by it. ” – @JTizzlemuzic

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

First understand what your definition of success is. Work hard and don’t let negativity stop you from your success. Be willing to sacrifice to get your success. Have a plan and stick by it. Joining Teknofonic Recordings is a big success for me. I just believed in myself and my talent which can be hard for me at times. I can be my worst critic so try to stay positive and don’t give up. Be humble!

My life and career goal is…
to be the best person I can be. I won’t my music to be heard all over the world and live on way after I”m gone. Money is not everything too me. My reputation is more important. With a never quite attitude it will help me achieve my goals. I will pass on what I learn to others in my career.

3 Ways That I Challenge Myself…

1. Grind – Never give up attitude is a must in this business, consistent hard work.

2. Patience – Your success won’t happen overnight in most cases.

3. Faith – Believe in yourself and your talent. Don’t listen to negative bull.

Music Business is …
a good way to do something that you love doing and make it a growing business. From my short time in the business I noticed that everyone’s heart is not into it. It’s only about money for some people. I believe it should be a combination of both passion and business. That’s why I stick to what I’m doing and stay focused.

Social media is…
a nice way for indie artist to collaborate, network, release music and learn different marketing techniques. Twitter is how I found out about this wonderful opportunity. If your new too social media it can be a little overwhelming at times but I try to learn much as possible. I’m always willing to learn.

Releasing singles…
I think is a little bit less on the pockets. I have currently released all album/EPs. Albums give me a chance to give my fans a complete body of work. It allows fans options on music preference. I generate album sales and single sales at the same time. Two for one!

I was able to start my journey by believing in myself and my talents…
I started producing in 2004 and over the years I compiled a variety of music. This led me to present my music to the world. Growing up around music at a young age and family in music also was a key factor. I have a great love for all music.

Body Talk…
this song actually means a lot. When I produced “Body Talk” I wasn’t heading in that direction. This was more of a fooling around having fun track. I began to see the potential in the song. A first time for me producing this style of music. I was now open to another world! The name came from how it made me feel when I listened to the song. Later on “Body Talk” would be heard by Adam Reifsteck (aka SONIC FEAR) owner of Teknofonic Recordings a Electronic music label. The rest is history I joined the family and now Teknofonic Recordings is my Electronic music home.Teknofonic Recordings would go on to release my EP “Transition” all because of “Body Talk”.

My music is made with my heart, soul, and emotion…
You will be able to get a variety of feelings from my music. Energetic, happy, sad, and relaxed are just some of the vibes my music puts off. I try to produce with a open mind and spirit. The title “Transition” was given because the EP marks the point where I transitioned to another style of music in my career. Instrumental music allows me to set the tone and have control of the vibe I want. You can find “Transition” on all major internet music platforms.

South Bend, Indiana…
is my hometown and current residence. My hometown music scene is on the rise. I like that more artists are being recognized for their talents. I would like to see more artists support artists. So that the music community grows locally. In my spare time I like to support local artist and bands by attending some night clubs/bars. It’s a great time to hear what’s buzzing. We have great talent in this area, look out!


J Tizzle indie musicI would love to spend 5 minutes alone with…
super producer Pharrell Williams would be a dream of mine. I think we have similar production styles he doesn’t like to follow trends, I don’t either. I would ask him if I could be his apprentice… (hint hint if somehow you read this).

Sometime artist only like what’s trending at that moment. Good music doesn’t have to be trendy, good music will last forever. That is why I try to be original in my productions. I like to balance both current and original sound.

I am most afraid of my MOM!..
She is older know but she don’t play no games(warning)! I love and respect my MOM no matter how old she gets.