Jayna Blackwell

“My love for singing, performing and the new music I am experiencing keeps pushing me past the negativity. Although the California vibe is that of the “it’s all about me” syndrome, I’m learning through my personal experiences, one can overcome anything with the right foundation, support and people in your circle..” – Jayna Blackwell @livingnfavor

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Overcoming the hurdles in the business…
My love for singing, performing and the new music I am experiencing keeps pushing me past the negativity. Although the California vibe is that of the “it’s all about me” syndrome, I’m learning through my personal experiences, one can overcome anything with the right foundation, support and people in your circle.

How do you feel about the importance of music marketing for an artist..
You can have the best music ever, but if no one hears then you just have great music. We our utilizing online, physical and street level distribution ideas to get the word out. I am blessed to have developed a bit of a following singing in cover bands throughout the years and they are embracing my music. It’s also exciting to hear there are fans in other countries as well…what a blessing!!

Social Media…
can be a great way to showcase your music, performances, experiences to your friends, family and developing fan base. The down side is that people lives and relationships are lived out on those platforms and it can become superficial if you let it. Dirty laundry/relationship matters have no place in social media… I learned a valuable lesson behind that and will not go to that level to voice my injured heart again.

Singles vs Albums…
At this time in my career I’m learning that time is of the essence and it can take a good year to complete an album. Releasing singles can help gain momentum for and help finance the remainder of the project. Online distribution and street level distribution definitely play a part in our strategy a bit of the old and new school technologies if you will.
Jayna Blackwell indie artist

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I admire industry professionals not only for their talent, but their drive and professionalism. For those reasons, I would love to have those five minutes with Tyrese Gibson. I think his Independent release of his album “Black Rose” and the fact that his single “Shame” reached the number one spot on the Billboard charts speaks volumes on where the industry is headed,

Music Trends..
Unfortunately, the industry has chosen to celebrate trends in lieu of raw talent. When choosing an artist to support I always look for something different and the first thing I focus on is the sound of their voice. A unique voice gets me every time.

I continue to challenge myself by..
Striving to bring something different to the table. I hate it when people try and box me in to a certain type of sound when I’ve been influenced by so many artists and none of them sound the same.

3 Ways that I challenge Myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.
1) To accept the things and people I can’t change. This allows me to stay focused on my goals and not what people think of me.

2) To understand that not everyone will like my music, knowing that everything is not for everybody. Different strokes for different folks…This helps me to embrace the new experiences this musical journey is bringing.

3) To create a special time to create. this allows me balance between my responsibilities as a mother/artist/entrepreneur…

I am most afraid of…
Being judged by something that has nothing to do with my music like my physical appearance, or letting members of my team down.

What is your personal definition of success…
Meeting your goals without compromise. Hence the title of my upcoming album “Uncompromised”. I look forward t the day I can show my children what hard work and dedication cad do and how it will pay off for you.
Name one success story that you are particularly proud of…
I am most proud of My Mom. She was the first black student in the nursing school she attended and she raised my sister and I as a single parent.

My over all goal for my life & career..
I want my children to see through me what hard work dedication and sacrifice can do for you not only as a person but also how it helps you achieve your goals.

Starting at 4…
I remember singing very young, like as early as four. My family used to say “when will she stop singing? Make it stop!”. I sang the radio and television commercials and new all the songs on the radio. I would even make up songs about doing chores around the house. I joined the choirs at church and school but was too shy to sing at any of the talent shows. I secretly longed for a singing career but my parents pushed me to focus more on my education and a traditional career. I didn’t start singing professionally until adulthood and haven’t stopped since. I started singing background vocals for local artists and then fronted my own band for three years. I was encouraged to become a recording artist by Kenneth Christian who signed my to Currency Kingz Entertainment and then made me a co-owner/President and First Lady. We are preparing to release my first solo project.

Can’t Get on My Base…
was written by Kenneth Christian, CEO and Co-owner of our label Currency Kingz Entertainment and is a song simply about people wanting to ride your coat tail after secretly hating on you and your career moves and also people from your past trying to get back in because of the new career moves. Kenneth is big on metaphors and this song has a few implied meanings…The song also features a dear friend of mine, Niecey Robinson. Niecey is a dynamic vocalist in her own right and she and I met singing background and have been singing together for a long time.

New Music… Yes, my EP is set to drop this fall. It is my first time recording on this level and has definitely been a journey. Kenneth Christian, best known as a hip-hop lyricist has blessed this project with his first bat at writing R&B/Neo-soul music, by bringing his love for Jazz/Funk/R&B/Hip-Hop as influences. The collection of songs have pushed me into uncharted territory and I love it!! We are also planning to release a full Album in 2016.


I live in Oakland, California. I’m proud to be a part of the Bay Area music scene as it gave birth to many greats like Tony Toni Tone, Ledisi, Keysha Cole, EnVouge, MC Hammer, and E-40. I believe certain cities and the lifestyles therein create a distinct sound and is evident in the music i.e. the Phily sound, the Motown sound and the Oakland sound, etc. The Oakland sound is referenced in music from artist from all over the country and that makes me proud of where I come from.


Jayna Blackwell has been singing since she was four years old. Singing first in church you could often find her in the youth and young adult and state choirs, of her home church and its jurisdiction. While still holding on to her gospel roots, Jayna began singing R&B professionally in the early 90’s and she hasn’t stopped yet. Her eclectic musical taste and style has enabled her to develop a voice that includes genres such as R&B, Funk, Jazz and even Rock & Roll. She credits her first band; Thrilltrain for opening her up to singing Rock & Roll and Mr. Barron Edwards for strategically placing her in his Motown Revue Tribute Show and his well-received R&B show band and for forcing her to sing professionally again after quitting the business at an earlier stage in her career. Jayna quickly became known as an established background vocalist supporting several local bands and solo artists for many years. This woman has a story which she tells in the sound of her voice. She often says her “experiences have shaped the voice you hear today “ and credits her family and peers for pushing and loving her back to center stage in 2012; Nichole Blackwell, John D. Smith, Grady Wilkins, Nicole “Buttah” Pearson, Niecey “the voice” Robinson, and countless others. The year 2014 marked a career turn for Jayna as she was again nominated and awarded the “Best Neo-soul Performer” by the Bay Area Black Music Awards and was signed and also made the First Lady/President of her record label “Curency Kingz Entertainment” by her label’s CEO and manager, Kenneth Christian. She is in the process of recording her freshman album “Uncompromised” Her first single “Coming Through Tonight” earned a place on the Itunes Indie Chart at #29 and also peaked on the Indie music charts at #95 in the World, #68 in the Nation and #15 in California.

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