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“It’s a business that needs to be learned and studied constantly because it’s always changing. It’s also a very male dominated business. Men can break in the business in their 30s and be seen as a sex symbol while for women, there’s a short window where you have to get it-” – @TeamNUBIA

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business..
It’s a business that needs to be learned and studied constantly because it’s always changing. It’s also a very male dominated business. Men can break in the business in their 30s and be seen as a sex symbol while for women, there’s a short window where you have to get it–I’d say your teen years through your early 20s, after that, opportunities begin to dry up unless you’ve made it and have earned some notoriety and recognition–this is what I’ve observed.

Pros from the music business would be ..
networking, building relationships and doing good business! The only con I would have to say again, it’s an industry dominated by men who set the standard for women in the business, such as determining who and what’s sexy. From what I’ve observed, women as they become older have to change their wardrobe to become more eye candy.

I have a team behind me and we sit down to discuss goals and upcoming plans like fundraisers, over coming hurdles, and sometimes lessons learned to make me a better individual and business woman.

Social media…
What I love about social media is it’s a powerful tool that should be taken advantage of. The right person sharing your stuff will put you in places you never thought you would be in that can help you become an overnight sensation. It’s a double edge sword—it can put you in several different places at one time but it can also make a person lazy by depending too much on it and not getting out there meeting people face to face.

Challenges that you’ve had to overcome…
You have to learn to separate your personal life from your business life and not allow your personal life to bleed over into your business life and vice versa. Don’t get me wrong I live, sleep and eat music but some examples are working a job or dealing with a boyfriend.

Singles vs an album…
Singles are cool to just drop every now and then but albums tell a story. You take your fans on a journey and they get to experience and feel what it is you’ve placed on that album and for that, I really like the album process of course which I’m working on my EP. Singles are teasers but albums are the big deal. A single is also that appetizer before the meal—it can get people excited about the album and sort of let them know what’s in store for the big meal!

The major difference in your marketing strategy is that you have to market the album months before the release date—like at least 3-4 months in advance to build interest. You can use the single as a theme to promote to the album.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Beyoncé. She has been killing the game since her Destiny Child days! I love and admire the women who paved the way for her, but I’ve watched her since I was a little girl closely. Her dominant stage presence, the way she controls the crowd, and her creativity I’m in awe. We would definitely have to talk. I know I can learn from her.

Current and trendy…
There is a balance and I feel like it’s trying to remain relevant without ditching your brand, your audience. There is nothing wrong with being trendy, but you have to know not to stray too far and how to bounce back. Being that my Dad was a musician with a wide range and eclectic outlook on all genres of music, he always helped to challenge me to bring out the best in me and pushed me, nagged me, helped me in the studio and helped me to stay on track.

I am most afraid of…
Letting my family down. They have high expectation of me and I want to live up to that.

My definition of success would be …
accomplishing all long term and short term goals and spreading love and happiness and inspiring others while doing it. If I can have a positive impact on a person’s life, I’ve succeeded in life.

Another success that I feel really good about is …
when I won shows in New York and Atlanta. The Bar Exam Show in Atlanta and the Hip-Hop Seazon show in New York were the first time a female performer had ever won—the winners of these shows had been dominated by male performers so I feel really good about that, like I helped to open some doors for other women coming after me.

My overall goal for my life & career is…
To become the individual, artist and business woman my mother and father knew I could become. Losing her made me push harder not just for her but for myself too. I’d also like to become a philanthropist and grow my foundation.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…
1. accepting constructive criticism – if you can’t accept constructive criticism, you’ll never grow as a person or an artist for that matter

2. pushing myself to be better than what I was yesterday

3. recognizing that I only have plan “A” but there’s a million ways to present it.

I have a musically inclined family…
My father grew up performing in an R&B band along with his brothers and sisters and my brother as well as my uncle now perform in bands. It’s definitely in my blood and we can trace back artists in our family to my distant cousin, The Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson.

Hooked on Your Love
is about a love that’s toxic, addictive and you know it but you can’t shake it! We’ve all been there once before in life. Hooked on Your Love was inspired by love for myself and another person—you know, like crushin’ on somebody—who hasn’t been there?

Nubia Emmon

I was inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and SWV…
I got the laid back feel from their track “Right Here” which I listened to the night before heading into the studio. I feel that the song has a great old school R&B feel to it that every body can easily relate. We were just in the moment. Nothing was forced, we were just vibin’ and it came naturally. My uncle created the beat right on the spot. As he was beat making, I was writing. We recorded in a span of two days of non stop work. It captures the 90’s R&B and hip hop, which I think is pretty dope and it’s my favorite song by far.

My first EP…
Your first EP is your introduction so this being my very first EP, I put my all into it like it was my last EP– I’ve put all of me into it. I mean it’s my very first one, people will be able to relate with every song–everyone from teenagers and adults. With my EP I want people to say “now that’s real R&B” as they listen to the lyrics and vocals. The title is “Nubia Emmon 93” which is my name and birth year—that’s when it all started.

We’ve already began marketing the EP through blogs, online and local radio spins of the lead song Hooked on Your Love, through the song video, magazine publications, and social media. So we plan to do a lot of online marketing as well as promoting it through the shows I do. I guess you could say we’re following that 80s model in which the artist was pretty much in control of his/her destiny.

Austin Texas…
I’m homegrown, born and raised in Austin, Texas which has the reputation of being the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. You have pop, rock, country, R&B……and by being around these various music genres it can be very inspiring for a musician. Plus some of the biggest events for musicians happen here; SXSW (which I’ve had the honor of participating in an official SXSW event), Urban Music Festival, ACL….it gets better each year too!

There’s a lot to do from the old famous dirty 6th, that’s where all the music can be heard—known as 6th Street Live, go to Mount Bonnell where you can hike which is a great work out! Lake Travis where you can eat on the lake, swim, rent a boat, or zip line which I did last year and had a blast!

I love to play pool! It’s a real stress reliever but I can get very competitive.


Nubia Emmon indie music

R&B artist Nubia Emmon is more than just a harmonious voice. Her talents as a songwriter and lyricist can be witnessed in her musical creations. With her new single “Hooked on Your Love,” the soulful Austin, Texas native effortlessly puts her own spin on the iconic SWV and Michael Jackson “Right Here/Human Nature” flow. If you’re a 90s kid or just have the musical heart of one, Ms. Nubia might just be your new favorite artist. Emmon’s vocals on the song are singularly unique and yet very reminiscent of 90s R&B’s greats like Aaliyah and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. The track is both nostalgic and modern which makes it an instant classic.

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