jordan umbach musician“I’ve learned that the audience is smart and knows when you have something honest to say.” – @ jordanumbach

Episode #275 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JORDAN UMBACH
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
It’s a business and they are people as well. I do got caught up in trying to be more commercial sometimes, but that never seems to do me much good. I’ve learned that the audience is smart and knows when you have something honest to say. I’m lucky to have very supportive people like my mom around and that helps. I don’t want to be one of those hardened musicians.

Social media…
I like it for catching up with people that I may have not seen in years. I’ve struggled when it comes to promoting my music though social media and staying true to myself. I’m very laid back and not naturally promotional. Being a little funny usually works much better than being serious.

Singles vs an album…
Well my last project was an EP (4 songs) and I believe that was just about right. It allows me to keep growing as an artist and keep releasing fresh material. I’m looking forward to working on another project like that.
I learned a few chords on guitar and then I just started writing songs…

When you’re fourteen you start to develop your identity and you have a lot to say. Scraps of paper with song lyrics would often end up in the washing machine.


Do you find that there is too much emphasis on being current and trendy in music…
Yes, I do think there is too much of an emphasis. Being cool is different than being trendy. Anyone can follow a trend. Having some fun songs is important though.

Nashville, Tennessee…
So yeah, it’s a pretty crazy music scene. Some of my favorite places to go are The Listening Room Café, Tootsie’s, Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar, and there are a lot more as well. I love playing flag football. It’s a blast playing Quarterback and throwing it to my friends. The NFL might not be a career option but we always push each other to get better.

We Try…
Is about Resilience. How we keep trying to be who we want to be. It reminds me of people from my hometown of Pittsburgh. It started as a “New Year’s Resolution” and it ended up being a lot more than about my life. I’m no good with resolutions anyway. On the recording, we actually had musicians from Reba McKentire’s band playing on it, which was really cool.

It will be down to earth and not defined by a genre. I had great people around me when I released my new EP. They encouraged me to be myself. It’s the most authentic project I’ve worked on and that’s what I’m most proud of. Driving around in my hometown is where the songs come to life the most for me. I want it to inspire people that work “normal jobs”. I don’t make music for other musicians. I want to make it for those that might not have as many creative outlets.

jordan Umbach musicI would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Kenny Chesney. I’m just a huge fan of him and there are quite a few memories that I connect with his songs. I admire how he adapted as his career went along. He adapted as his career went on and that is something I can relate to. He seems like a down to earth guy as well.

I am most afraid of…
Being a watered down version of myself and loosing my values.

My personal definition of success is..
Supporting a family while doing something cool is a nice definition for me. Getting my song “Bottle Rocket” on Froggy radio in Pittsburgh was something that I consider a success. I had just transitioned to being a country leaning artist and they played my new song a lot. My friends would turn on the radio and it would be on. I had worked hard to get to that point and had a little luck with radio play.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
1. Be financially independent and give extra money away
2. Enjoy going working on what I love everyday
3. Walk with God
4. Marry a beautiful girl

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.

1) Getting lyrics exactly how I want them. (Sometimes with many re-writes)
2) By striving to make each song that I play fresh. (I might play the same song 500 times a year)
3) By studying other artist’s and how they do their craft.
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