Michael DeSalvo MIXMASTER MERC indieIn the beginning when I started in this business…
I really loved it because it was all about the music. Everyone seemed to unite in one common love of beats. ” – @desalvomike

Episode #275 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

In the beginning when I started in this business…
I really loved it because it was all about the music. Everyone seemed to unite in one common love of beats. Now, however, it all seems to be about who shows up and how much money they bring in. And the money is not what I am about.

Social Media…
allows me to actually get my music out there. And by out there I mean literally all over the world. I honestly remember when I used to hand out Mixmaster Merc tapes on the streets of Baltimore. Social Media also allows you to bypass a lot of the political bullshit and just worry about the music.

Singles vs. an album…
it doesn’t really matter to me. I just love knowing tat my music makes people move. From a marketing strategy however, I would rather just release a portion of them for free to hook the listener and then reel them in to want to take on the whole experience.

Success to me is…
defined as being able to do what you want to in life without worries of bills or consequences. I am particularly proud of my time in the military and serving my country without hesitation.

My over all goal for my life is…
to leave my name in a legacy. I would like to someday have kids and hopefully pass things on to them.

When I am trying to reach a goal…
that I have set I don’t just challenge myself, I actually meet my goal. I sometimes will just immerse myself in the entire project until I get the job done.

I got my start in music because…
my brother was an industrial DJ. When I was 13 I loved to listen to his music and it was then that I immersed myself the digital DJ world.

Plus personally made track Mixmaster Merc’s Throw Back at the Lab


Truthfully, the reason I put this music together has a long back story, but the short of it is that I moved to a new house with an amazing view out of my studio window. Before this new place I lived 4 blocks from the riots and was assaulted, so moving to this beautiful new landscape has been an amazing journey for me.

Quite frankly you can expect some crazy ass shaking on the dance floor. I have also been told that a person can take a spiritual journey through their mind when they feel my music in their soul.

I live in Baltimore…
and to be honest the music scene here is controlled by a select few. I really have hard time dealing with the politics of it all.

Who would I want to spend five minutes alone with anyone…
Honestly, that’s too broad of a question. My first answer would be Aerostatle or Julius Caesar, but as far as music goes I would have to say Orge from Skinny Puppy or Louis Armstrong. I would pick Louis Armstrong for that get up and dance kinda feel, but Skinny Puppy for the industrial underground kinda sound that wasn’t available in those days.

I think music today is…
totally trendy and I think a lot of people should expand their musical horizons and souls.

I am most afraid of death.

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