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Juakeen Anomaly’s new release ‘Sea Foam’ is about the activities the song writer Joaquin Lozano encounters daily and how these help him to realize a sense of self-empowerment.

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Behind the Music with host Jacqueline Jax and indie songwriter Juakeen Anomaly featuring his new release Sea Foam. Getting your music right and finding what’s most unique about your talent. Instagram strategy, music marketing and more. Enjoy this in depth episode on the Music business.


Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio 

Band Name: Juakeen Anomaly

Song name: Sea Foam (Prod. by Serv One)

Music Genre: Rap & Hip Hop

My song ‘Sea Foam’ is about the activities I encounter on a daily basis, as well as some realizations about my life as I experience them first hand. The experiences I encounter helps me to realize a sense of self empowerment, by learning what life is really worth through what I see and what I experience everyday.

My music is more than just some run of the mill cliché term like… “It’s an extension of myself”.

My music is deeper than that, it has life, personality, true emotion and on occasion some elements of fun.

How does this reflect your current direction?
I am currently focusing my music career around exposure. It’s about giving more to the people and to my fans – more content, more music, more appearances and more of myself. I want to see the people, talk to the people, shake hands with the people and get to know the people.

I think this release really represents the current direction I’m heading with my music career.

Creating your music…
I create my music everywhere I go. Whether it’s an idea that just popped up in my head, or a song I thought of while I was out running errands. I’m always creating new ideas all day and the same goes for writing music. I will usually pick the instrumental right on the spot and start writing a song at the same time. I will usually finish the writing, recording and mixing of the song all in the same session that same day. I love to collaborate with any and all music artists but it’s rare and only for the simple fact that there is a scarcity of professional musicians in this business that are truly about this life and business.

I focus on creating music with life by simply transposing my music life into my daily life. By combining the two, it allows me to live a life completely surrounded by music and this is what drives me to stay focused and keep working towards success in music. Only if there is a 9-5 job involved does it get a little tricky. Being able to juggle a full time job, whether it’s music related or not, is quite a daunting task.

If this is the life you want to live, you better start loving the idea of only 35 hours of sleep a week, max.

A milestone…
that I am about to over come soon. I hooked up with a producer and finished my full length album that will be professionally released, pressed and distributed with album art, posters, bar codes and all original music written by, recorded by and mixed by me. I have released albums and mixtapes in the past, it just never was a project that had one producer, and professionally released. I can’t wait to reveal it to the public and let all my fans enjoy what I spent hundreds of hours creating.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given…
Successful people plan on how to win, unsuccessful people plan on how not to lose. This advise that I received completely changed the way I think, not only about music but about how I live my life in general.

At the moment I live in Twin Falls, Idaho. The music scene for Rap & Hip Hop here in Twin Falls is basically non existent. Rap & hip hop is not greeted with open arms, open minds or open hearts here. But I will be the one who changes that. Now drive two hours north and the music scene changes drastically for the better.

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Website: http://www.JuakeenAnomaly.com
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