It’s really complicated to combine both jobs: creating and making business. Personally, I need somebody that works with me… Fortunately, my sister is that person @karimbaggili

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW KARIM BAGGILI
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

It’s really complicated to combine both jobs:
creating and making business. Personally, I need somebody that works with me… Fortunately, my sister is that person. We’ve been working together for many years now and we’ve done a great job until now and we still have
a lot to do… But I think both jobs are interesting and fascinating.

The thing is that cons can become pros depending
how you look at it and depending your philosophy. I mean that being a musician might have lots of cons, but if you’re positive and determinate you won’t feel it in a negative way.

Pros are: I do what I like, I like what I do,
I meet lots of great people, I’m my own boss, I travel, I create, I constantly try to improve myself and it’s a neverending journey…

Cons are: I’m sure there are some but can’t find any right now

The idea is to have this positive philosophy and attitude.
Anything that happens can make you grow or learn something. If I think something bad happened to me, I always think that I’m still lucky to be who I am and to have the life I’m into. We’re all in the same ship and we
have to deal with it.

With Mark Knopfler for sure.
I’ve started the electric guitar when I was 16 because of him. He has been in someway my spiritual master…Of course he’s famous, but he seems nice and so cool so 5 min or more for a cup of tea would be great ☺

There were some important moments.
When I was sixteen, I’ve listened to the wonderful song “Private Investigation” from Dire Straits and it definitely changed my life. From that moment on, I knew that I was going to be into music in some way.

I bought myself a cheap electric guitar and started to play for hours in my room.
Then I was 20 when I discovered Paco de Lucia, which was a big moment as well. I was so impressed and loved the sound and the feeling. So I bought a flamenco guitar and started working for some other hours. I’ve always been attracted by creating music, so very soon, I started to compose my own music; that’s how everything began.


I wanted to give the “World Music” an electric feeling… So I use the traditional Arabic Ud as if it was an electric guitar… And the story behind refers to a great experience we had my sisters, my brother in law and I.

We went to London for a Secret Cinema and the theme was Star Wars…
It was so intense and fun… I wanted this piece to sound something like that…

I’d like people to feel that instrumental music and world music
have the potential of becoming « popular »

I would love people to get curious about the strange sound of an ud.
They know how an electric guitar sounds and the ud is as much exciting than that… It depends if you play it in a traditional way or more in modern way. But the first goal of this album is the same of all the others I’ve released until now. Having some good time listening to some good and original music… Hopefully ☺


I live in Belgium; it’s a very small country.
There are some very nice venues but after touring 6 months you get back to the starting point. So that means that working in other countries is very important. The good thing is that we’re not far from France, Germany,
Netherlands, England, etc… Plus since it’s instrumental music we can play our music anywhere around the world…


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