That’s a broad question.
I will say this: it’s not for everybody. This is an industry that will test your heart, your will power, and your morals on a continuous basis. I believe everyone wants the benefits of the business but doesn’t want the hard work and the pressures of the business @keashabeard

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW KEASHA BEARD
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

That’s a broad question.
I will say this: it’s not for everybody. This is an industry that will test your heart, your will power, and your morals on a continuous basis. I believe everyone wants the benefits of the business but doesn’t want the hard work and the pressures of the business. The music business is not recommended if you’re not built for it- period. Other than that… I stay in my own lane, focus on my own stuff, and let my music speak for itself.

Honestly, I don’t focus on the cons too tough.
Although the biggest pet peeve I have is when people try to use my talent for personal gain. I see a lot of that happening in promoting and marketing, but it’s a huge part of the business so I take the losses with the wins. The best part about my experience is doing what I love to do and making a difference in people’s lives.

Transparency and vulnerability is everything.
I realized that when I tried to hide my shame I felt worse but when I aired it out for the world to see and accepted it, it became easier for me to change it because it was easier to see it. Darkness is death, but the light… the light is life. Let’s face it, any time we are living, we are triumphant.

There are so many people in this world and I thought of many musicians
but only one person comes to mind- Denzel Washington. He is such an amazing actor. He really doesn’t get the credit he truly deserves. I appreciate art in all its form and I appreciate his art. I truly do! It doesn’t matter what role he plays; he nails it every single time! Whether he’s a dirty cop, a great debater, or a drug king pin. I think the most amazing thing to me is that I don’t hear crazy rumors or read tabloid stories about his personal life. He appears to be a great guy and I would like 5 minutes alone with him to know if my generalizations of him are true and reasonable.

It’s funny because I’ve been writing my whole life.
Last fall, I went on this writing frenzy where I just couldn’t put my pen down. I was writing poem after poem, but I really wanted to write about the dangers of a promiscuous lifestyle. I started writing the poem and I knew that it was meant to be more than a poem so I began rapping it. I felt foolish at first, but I couldn’t stop writing the song. None the less, that was the first song I wrote – “Undercover Liars.” I recorded it on my phone and then I let a couple of friends listen to it. I thought it was something worth pursuing because they thought the song was amazing. I kept writing more music and decided it was time to record the music. By February 2016, I saw this local producer/sound engineer promoting his studio rates on my Facebook feed- Moshae Beats. We linked up and connected instantly. We’ve been making great music together ever since!

Let Me Show You

This song is called “Let me show you” because I never want to be the type of artist
that talks about change but never displays it. A tree is known by its fruit. I want people to look at the transition of my past to present and believe that if it can be done for me that it can be done for them as well.

I went from being an alcoholic womanizer
with low self-esteem issues to a person who doesn’t drink at all with more confidence than I’ve ever had.

It’s no secret that I have strong faith
and I proclaim it loudly but my point in this song is: I know there is doubt. I know there is fear. But never mind all of that, let me show you what I am talking about! Let my life be an example of how change is possible.

I recently released my new album – Transform.

I look around the world and I see so many people grasping at so many different things,
hoping for a better life. I see women with identity issues chasing cosmetics and surgeries to make themselves feel better. I see young people chasing money because they believe money solves everything. I see men chasing power because they believe power gives them control. I see broken systems failing families and children every day.

It saddens me.
It deeply saddens me because these things do work temporarily but definitely do not last.

So I figured, why not make an album about transforming?
What does it take to transform? Forgiveness, contentment, vulnerability, optimism, and persistence- just to name a few. Therefore, my intention is to give people hope, purpose, and love. My intention is to help guide them on the renewing of their mind while at the same time make them bob their head and dance. Who doesn’t love to dance?


I live in Seattle, Washington and our music scene is amazing!
We have a lot of amazing local talent here whether you’re into rap, rock, country, etc. I’m a fan of music period so I enjoy it all. However, I wish our rap/hip-hop world got exposed more but I’m going to do my part in doing what I can in that. You can always find concerts at The Crocodile, The Tractor Tavern, Neumos, or Triple Door. There are too many to name!


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