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“I hate that so much money is spent by the big record companies to push that crap out to the people. Like cattle to slaughter it’s just sad. ” – @turbolwf

Episode #288 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
Right now scared just like I did when I signed my first Record Deal in 1991.
Pros: love writing music
Con: the folks that take advantage of people with false hopes of being famous in the music scene. I don’t want to be famous I want be an accomplished song writer who plays his own songs live.

Hurdles and pitfalls…
The process of recording this record has almost split up Scott and Big Al. They have not talked for many months but have agreed to tour, play live and even record in the future if any of the songs hit.

Social media…
I get to see many friends be successful and fans get to see when we have new product out. Many more challenges to over come if we don’t get exposure.

Singles vs an album…
We only do full LP’s and have tried to keep the same set up one cover 9 to 10 originals. I enjoy putting it out as an artist and see what songs will hit. Currently we have 5 out of ten that are getting serious attention.
Talk about the differences in your marketing strategy to support your preference. Well 28 years 3 LP should tell you that our marketing is completely wrong plus we are not famous yet I still smile as my accounts load up with songs that are still getting airplay and downloads.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
You! Why? Because maybe in 5 minutes you might find a song on the LP that you believe would be successful. The best song lyrics are written within 5 minutes so inspiration comes from my guitar player and what he can bang out on the guitar.

Music trends…
I hate that so much money is spent by the big record companies to push that crap out to the people. Like cattle to slaughter it’s just sad. Do people know that Adele is that good singing a L. Richie song?

I am most afraid of… the crap that is shelled out to our youth in today’s music

My personal definition of success is..
I am a high school teacher and I have been a gold star teacher for 3 years having at least 90% of my students pass the W!Se financial literacy National Industry Certification. I was in the running for a Grammy in 1991 but lost yet still believe it could happen. Pursue your Passion.

My over all goal for my life & career is…
is to retire in teaching and also be able to write release and maybe tour on new recordings.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…
1) Tour in the summer
2) Record a new LP in 2017
3) Never Give up

July 1987 Open Mic Night Hardcore Club in Norfolk Virginia Left Wing Fascists was born with first original song “I married a Douchbag” was performed live. This song never made it to any LP releases but it started a 28 year career for the band with three full releases during those years.

Surfing Junkies…
The song was inspired for some throwback good times playing live. There where two clubs located right on beach the band use to play one Pepperment Beach Club Virginia Beach and The Atlantas in OBX (Outerbanks North Carolina) and during the set changes the band would often go jump right into the ocean. The song reflects how kids today are so caught up in social media they don’t understand beach life. The song encourages folks to understand being slaves to waves and the ocean beauty along with surf sun and fun.

The vocals were recorded in California in September 2015 so Big Al flew out to producer Stacy Heydon (Guitar David Bowie and Iggy Pop plus produced the number one hit song by the band Sheriff) and recorded the entire 10 song LP Oxymoron along with filming the video for the song Surfing Junkies all in three days. The video is a fun look at both east and west coast beach showing film in Mission Veigo Ca Virginia Beach Va and OBX NC.
Stacy Heydon and Big Al Staggs have worked together on 3 full LP spanning 28 years. A Mother’s Nightmare Rhino/Rincon 1991 All Fired Up Skyrat 1995 and Oxymoron FAS 2015 have all been full rock n roll experience so on this last session Big Al developed the Gout due to stress yet still knocked out all vocals and shot the video footage in those three days. Extreme pain while filming didn’t slow the process and push to get a great song. Big Al says that this is not his first slam dance with Stacy so getting anther chance to record with his favorite producer far out weighted the pain.

This Oxymoron release has…
one song about a famous Hampton Roads DJ that passed away “Henry the Bull Deltoro” and all download money for this song goes in his name to support animals at the Norfolk SPCA and the LP is also dedicated to our fans who have supported us for 28 years. What do you wish to accomplish with your album? We want to show folks that 28 years of history you never give up and live your passion. The LP we want to sell downloads and show the world who we are. How will you be marketing it?? ) We have a National Radio Single being released in February but out side of that we can only rely on folks like A.V.A to help us. If we are not successful here then we believe this is our one shot. Here is some history to the song writing combo and producer of LWF. Download it now!

Scott Carlisle and Big Al Staggs have come together a third time to bring together Left Wing Fascists with combinations of old sound and new. Songs like “I drive a Yugo” ( A mother’s nightmare 1991) and “Beer Gut” (All Fired Up 1995) are kept alive with “Surfing Junkies” (Oxymoron 2015) showing fun and lighter sides of the band. Scott who wrote the music wanted to keep some serious guitar work up similar to “Your Not Good looking enough to be a Bitch” (A Mother’s Nightmare 1991) and “Little Itch” (All Fired Up) adding “Highway 666” and “Burning Tread Baby” (Oxymoron 2015). Big Al who writes the lyrics wanted to prove vocal range due to having had throat Surgery in 1999 after the first two LP’s were released. HE needed to prove he had the vocal rage with “Win Her Chicken Dinner” and “Henry the Bull Deltoro” (Oxymoron 2015) It’s very difficult to overcome the different ways we have seen music released both as a National Recording Artist back to an Independent Artist. We started on Cardboard Box CD’s now to downloads and we still believe we can be successful but you can write the greatest song in the world but if no one hears it what good have you accomplished? We need your help to get us to the next level and get airplay and exposure.

Norfolk Virginia…
We don’t have a music scene currently but we could change that we did in the past. To see a good show The Norva in Norfolk Virginia Froggies Cantina Va Beach are fun places we like to play out www.hardcorenorfolk.com can tell you the story of our music scene. This film is a documentary released in 2013.