ava live radio jacqueline jaxGETTING TO KNOW MATT BOLEA
By Jacqueline Jax– Host A.V.A Live Radio @JacquelineJax

Starting in Music…
My dad got me an electric guitar when I was 8 and I had no idea what to do with it. I ended up teaching myself how to play and recording really crappy, ‘riffs’ that i made up on an old VHS recorder. From there, I found my personal preference as far as genres are considered and began learning more and more while playing with other musicians. Today, I decided it’s best for myself to write as a solo artist because I put some much of my personal life & experiences behind it, I feel having anybody else had there input (not to so that’s a bad thing, because it’s not at all) would take away from the message and emotion I personally want to send.

‘Here’s To Your Thoughts’…
is about lust and misconception. Wanting sexual pleasure to fulfill an emptiness in yourself, while pushing yourself away from that person spiritually. At some point, you have to break out and express yourself in more ways other than it being physical. This song tells more a fictional story than anything, but when put along with the rest of my EP, it tells an entire back story of what I was going through during the process of recording everything. This song in itself wasn’t intentional to make happen in that way, but it ended up fitting pretty well.


Being current and trendy…

Way too much. Musicians hold their creativity back when they shrink their talents down into set genres. People are too afraid to stand out and be/sound different. Be yourself. I think the perfect balance if to appreciate and support your fellow local musicians, but don’t become apart of a ‘scene’, stay true to who you are.

Personal definition of success…
Happiness that doesn’t involve numbers.

Music scene in Richmond Virginia…
I live in Richmond, Virginia. I used to be in a band called, Uncle Jimmy, and we were a hardcore/metal act and played a lot of shows at local venues in Richmond and throughout the whole state. The metal scene here is huge locally, but it’s too trendy for me personally. Lots of folk rock too. Richmond is considered, ‘River City’ because the James River runs through it and I LOVE it haha. I am an avid kayaker so I take full advantage of it, being that I live right beside the bridge going over the river.

List of social media sites.
www.mattbolea.bandcamp.com (where you can purchase my full EP)

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