ava live radio jacqueline jaxGETTING TO KNOW LAUREL TAYLOR
By Jacqueline Jax- Host A.V.A Live Radio @JacquelineJax

Started Singing..
Singing in church, piano lessons, school choirs and competitions. Moved to Nashville in 2012 to pursue music career.

Favorite Artist…
Taylor Swift great songwriter and artist. Met her when she was in Nashville during the CMA’s and she gave me some advice…. “To work hard and don’t give up”!

“We all make mistakes”…
I wrote this song with top 100 country song- writer Don Goodman “Ole Red” by Blake Shelton. The funny thing that happen with this song was Don knew I was very young and he knew I didn’t drink, smoke or cuss…but He ask me How do I feel about going to Prison? I laughed and said ok…. so we continue to write this song about a rebel couple getting married. This song was fun to record in studio.

Social media..
Social media is connecting with my fans, let them know what’s going on with me. The first 2 weeks moving to Nashville I was scammed by someone I met on social media and really trusted this person. This opened my eyes.

Laurel Taylor indie artist ava live radio

Who you Are and what you Do for Others, and Enjoy what you do everyday…. makes success.

If heaven exists what’s the first thing you would like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates…
Heaven does exit and He will say well done my child.

Social media
www.reverbnation.com/laureltaylor this is my first country album

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