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I feel the music business has…
become too much about the business (money) and not the music (passion in the art). ” – @ThatDudeMonsoon

Episode #286 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I feel the music business has…
become too much about the business (money) and not the music (passion in the art). I believe this is why some artist conform and do not put their heart into their music and just settle for a check. I believe with the incorporation of technology it’s easier to promote your music and get your name out there.

I’m just staying patient, staying busy, and staying organized trying to avoid losing passion and focus.

I like social media…
(mainly Twitter) cause it gives you the opportunity to connect with people across the globe.

I think that releasing singles is smarter…
and helps to build a buzz for your album. I don’t think it’s wise to release a whole album if no one knows who you are or is familiar with your music.

I got my start in music…
by performing in local clubs around Chicago. The Chicago music scene inspired me.

I wrote the song out of frustration at the way society handles certain situation. They just group people together and assume that this group of people are right and the other group of people are wrong. I want people to recognize the concept to individuality and also spirituality.
You can expect a lot of songs that are concept driven and about something. I have always respected songwriters and artist who can get people to think about something. I have been focusing more on selling physical copies after performances and getting them into the few “Mom and Pop” record stores, our next step is online distribution.

I’m from Chicago, Illinois …
The music scene is very congested and competitive. I believe it makes better artist out of us all. A fun place to go here is downtown Chicago. There is always something to do (especially in the summer) and riding the train can be a great way to get a lot of ideas for music.
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I would love to be alone for 5 minutes with…
Andre 3000 just to pick his brain on how he creates songs and what is his regime for recording. I think he is one of the most talented emcees in the business.

I think there is too much emphasis on being trendy…
My knowledge of the culture of hip hop and just my daily living has helped me find my direction in this business.

I am most afraid of being afraid.

My personal definition of success is…
being able to do what you want to do and make a living off of it. It was a proud moment when I noticed by son looking up my videos and rapping my lyrics in the mirror; it reminded me when I used to do it to artist like Naughty By Nature, and Big Daddy Kane.

My overall goal in life and music is…
to be happy and for my family to be happy.

3 ways that I challenge myself…

1) picking a random instrumental and writing something to it.

2) making a “to do list” for myself on a daily basis and trying to get everything done on it.

3) reading something on a daily basis (magazine, newspaper, book, etc..)


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