Moscato indie band ava live radio“Social media has done for us what we couldn’t do in a life time. ” –  @jevse

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MOSCATO
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Originally there was 3 of us…
We recorded initially to raise funds for Auto immune disorders with all proceeds raised from our 1st EP going to Research and awareness campaigns via a foundation, Arthritis Queensland,
After that we wanted to continue recording and releasing , so we welcomed Kristen and Keirin to the band.

is about the change in the world and in humanity , from Generation to Generation, and how we tend to repeat the same mistakes, leaving future generations to deal with problems that it has led too.

We cant’ say, weather our song is great or special, all we can say is with each song we bare apart of our souls in hope that it inspires those who listen, to question the world around them, in hope of world peace.

We live in Mackay Queensland…
The local live scene is coming back’ there are a few music fests held yearly and regular Gigs, jams and open mic’s, in several places.

Social media…
has done for us what we couldn’t do in a life time, having our music heard all over the world is fantastic, and allows us time for new tunes and projects and family time, and with the help of Jo’s husband John Mc Menamin working tirlessly behind the scenes to have our music available for all, we thank him Dearly 🙂
I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
The great Jimmy Hendrix!! Such a magical man with a huge love for music, a little before my time but love love love him, And in heaven he will rock on, another song we have released.
We don’t worry to much if our music suits the latest release, Jo is our songwritter, and we all calaberate with the music, we just feel it , record it, and release , we will always just be us 🙂

I am most afraid of…
Spiders!!!! hahahhaa not much other than that lol, we found what we love, and were doing it despite how many times were told to get a real job 🙂 🙂

4 Ways I challenge myself…
To Live- To Love -To Laugh -To Learn

Erin English & Jo Van Stralen (Jevse) on behalf of Adrian, Kristen and Kerin, Moscato” cheers 🙂

We originally formed with a sole purpose in mind. What started out as a regular jam session between Jo and Monkey (Adrian) inspired Jo to take the next step and record, not only for herself but with the determination to put together a compilation album of local musicians which would raise awareness for Auto Immune Disorders having all proceeds go to Arthritis QLD.

In the early stages Jo and Erin crossed paths and it was believed a saxophone would compliment the jamming duo. This was the birth of not only “Moscato” but of 3 beautiful friendships that we feel blessed to have.

Within 13 weeks of our 1st rehearsal we completed our 1st of what will be many recordings with the amazing Tom Fodor of “ Audiosapien Records” Brisbane QLD.

These Original songs were placed alongside Original pieces written and performed by some of the most unique and talented musicians Mackay has to offer, all with one goal in mind, to raise awareness with an album title of “Broken Silence”.

As we drove the gruelling 10+hour trip back to our hometown we were in awe of what we had achieved in such a short period. The common travellers question of “Are we there yet?” was replaced by “Wow, did that really just happen? “.

Now knowing what could be accomplished our minds were filled with possibilities and we were eager to work on our next E.P. A decision was made to record in 6 months with Erin relieving Jo of lead vocals whose lungs (due to auto immune disorders) were not strong enough.

Then we found Simba, (Michael Simmons) the most extraordinary, genuine, warm hearted drummer who went above and beyond, , Simba, thank you so much!!

With each finished EP our confidence and creativity grows, it only seemed fitting that we expand our much loved trio. In October 2014 we met Keiran Shaw who has played in various rock bands throughout his life, it was certain that it was in the stars as his can do/give anything a go/ laid back attitude was much like our own, not to mention his unique style of bass playing complimented what we had already accomplished. In November 2014 we also welcomed Kristen Anderson who would join Erin as lead vocalist. As we work on our next EP the two girls prove unlike any other females as they end each song with a high five working as what we believe is an unstoppable vocal team. With Kristens background being Country and Theater she really brings something different to the table, and with all our minds combined we feel we are finding our feet as to where our path now leads and we are really excited to record this next EP with a surprise film clip soon after in May so we can share it with you all.

We can not guarantee our music is everyone’s cup of tea, but this is us, this is who we are and this is what we love doing. Whether this disc makes you smile, want to relax, want to dance or take a step back to notice what is going on in the world even for a second then it has all been more than worth it,, and even if it doesn’t have this effect … we will just keep on recording and releasing because it’s what we love.

Erin, Jo,Monkey, Keiran and Kristen
Twitter: @jevse