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“I remember being on stage dancing with my hands in the air, while my dad performed his 1 man blues show in front of a few 1000 people. My dads Stage name was: “The King Black Joker” He used to wear a joker outfit with all of the face paint & the pointy shoes”. – @mosesjonesalbum

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW MOSES JONES…
Interview by Jacqueline Jax / Radio host & music journalist

I knew I wanted to be in music when……
I was 3 years old. I remember being on stage dancing with my hands in the air, while my dad performed his 1 man blues show in front of a few 1000 people. My dads Stage name was: “The King Black Joker” He used to wear a joker outfit with all of the face paint & the pointy shoes. lol . Experiencing being in front of a crowd that big, it was life changing.

Walk This Road Alone was ….
nominated for a Hollywood Music Award. The song was written by my father before he passed. The crazy part about him writing this song is that when he had finished it, he died. The song was laying right next to his leg when we found him. When I started producing it and reworking the song a little, I found a style that was not only my dads style but mine as well. I really think that he would be happy with the way “Walk This Road Alone” came out. I had National Recording Artist “Lionel Young” sing and play violin and guitar for the track to give it that nice old-school delta blues as well as a touch of jazz. We also had the following musicians on this track. Tony Black “drums, Larry Henley “bass”, James Torres “piano”. All of these artist have long list of accomplishments in the music business.

When I’m in the mood for live music I head to…..

I usually try to pop in to festivals, clubs or anything else I can find with live music but if I don’t find what I’m looking for there’s always great live shows on YouTube!

Social Media…
I like social media, being a web designer and musician, Social media can reach to the masses with out leaving home. When doing this for marketing its great as well as keeping in touch with long lost family and friends There are also the negatives about it, but I feel you couldn’t reach the number of people as fast as you can with social media.

My first concert was…
Earth Wind & Fire Live with The Denver Philharmonic at Red Rocks in 2011. I have always been in to music but I started going to concerts late. I’m such a late bloomer lol!!

My favorite artist is…
I feel that I have really had a connection to the following people in my music: Stevie Wonder, Kool & the Gang, Earth Wind & Fire, Tyrone Davis, Bobby Blue Bland, The Temptations, Boyz ll Men. I have met a few of the members from Earth Wind & Fire and been to 1 of there concerts. I love that all of these artist made everybody happy when they sang or played. The lyrics were meaningful and talked about life experiences. I also love the musician qualities from the artist I have list above.

My rock and roll style icons are…..
Kool & The Gang, Betty Wright, Mariah Carey, Tyrone Davis, Stevie Wonder, B.B King, Lakeside, R-Kelly, Bone Thugs & Harmony,
The Temptations, Bruno Mars,Whitney Houston, The Supremes.
The list can go on for ever!!

Moses Jones – Band Leader, Saxophone, Keys, Drums
Moses eats, sleeps and breathes music. Yeah, we can’t get him to sleep most nights, because he’d rather stay up and write music or work out that new arrangement or practice or do social media or close a deal on a venue or any number of music related projects. Does he work too much? Hell yes. But we can definitely argue that he is also having way too much fun. Born and raised in Defiance, OH, Moses started his music career as soon as he could ride a bike. It was natural progression as his father was a musician. Moses went on to play Baritone Sax for the Fabulous Jades in California and the High Country Brass Senior Drum Corps in Denver. New to Colorado, Moses quickly climbed the local music scene ladder and built one of the strongest drawing and regionally recognized dance bands, The Moses Jones Band. He’s back at it again. Denver Wedding Band Mr. J and the Smooth Expressions is an 12-piece variety dance/party band that will make your feet beg you to get out on the dance floor. If you’re looking for something different, look no further than The Mash Masters. Mashups are created by taking contemporary and vintage songs from all genres and combining them to produce a unique and most definitely, danceable sound. Moses released his original work this year on a CD fittingly titled “Legendary”. Moses subscribes to the belief that bigger is better. His cover bands may be 12-piece, complete with a horn section, but his original band, Moses Jones Rock Funk Orchestra, is an 18-piece band. Ya, we thought you’d have to read that again. Be on the lookout for the Orchestra tour dates in 2015. If that isn’t enough to keep this all around, fun-loving guy busy, Moses works as an agent for Alpine Music Connection and Road Dawg Touring and runs his own promotions and publicity company, MJ Entertainment.

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