Playground on Social Media in the Music Business

Playground on Social Media in the Music Business

play ground indiemusic“I like the creative aspect of music but the business sometimes can be irritating especially when not having any formal management and dealing with time wasters.” – @mrplayground1

Episode #275 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW PLAYGROUND
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
I like the creative aspect of music but the business sometimes can be irritating especially when not having any formal management and dealing with time wasters. On the other hand it’s a good way to learn about the business and to have my own structure of monetizing and capitalizing of my music.

The main pros about the business is when you do not have any management it lets you learn a lot about the industry and also best practice. The main con is having to deal with time wasters who can’t do what they say the can. Just doing research on producers and also promoters and also business is backed up with paper work.

Social media…
The thing I like about social media is the fact that you can release anything into the public forum at any time. Also the fact that you can network with people in your field which helps you gain more information. The main challenge with social network is directing traffic towards my music and my page.

Singles vs an album…
I don’t mind either releases. With a single you can always test the market and know if people are going to be interested in you. With an album you can showcase your all round artistry and song writing but a single to me is important because it makes sense releasing a single anytime than just dropping an album without a single to showcase it. Now a days Singles sell more than albums but it all comes down to how well you execute your strategy as there are no set rules.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
James Brown. I would definitely like to ask him if he knew his music would make history. Especially in the world of hip hop were James Brown has been sampled so many times. I would definitely take some tips from him on entertaining a crowd as James Brown never seemed short of energy on stage.

Current and trendy…
Definitely there is a big emphasis on being current and trendy. Being current and trendy doesn’t necessarily mean the product would be great. Best thing to do is always to have quality music to give people no matter how long it takes.

I was inspired to do music because…
I liked the idea of having a melody in your head and turning it to music which could be from good experiences and bad. I am mainly influenced by the art form of hip hop and also have a wide taste of music in general from Rnb, Dance and Reggae. One of my biggest inspirations was probably seeing an interview with the RZA in the 90s.

The Funk… 

It’s about motivation, ambition and that hustler spirit. The original version did not have a Female Vocalist. While playing the music around it was suggested maybe put a female vocalist on the track.

From my music you can expect lyricism, fun and social commentary. I definitely aim to make music from my own lane and switch things up. At the moment I am putting out singles I know are relatable to people and looking to create a fan base for an album. My main single which i am promoting right now is The Funk which is available on ITunes.

I live in London UK…
at the moment. It has a very wide music scene especially for dance music, reggae, dance hall and pop. 
Tell me about one fun thing you like to do that can be music or non-music related. My non music related hobbies range from going gym and just chilling with friends and keeping it low key.


I am most afraid of…
making mediocre music.

My personal definition of success is..
Name one success story that you are particularly proud of. Explain why you considered this a great success and how you achieved it.

My personal definition of success is…
when your yes is your yes and your no is your no. On a serious note this interview is a personal success as I did not plan for it to happen. I call it a success because it came at a week when nothing wanted to go right but just kept on promoting myself and it came about.

My overall goal for my life & career is…
to leave my own imprint in the world of music and also to be proud of my music when I’m listening back at it.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal…
1) networking- Speaking to the right people and as many people I can. Sometimes stories come out of them and it helps you technically with your music.
2) Song writing- writing and creating what is not currently around in the market and dearing to take a different approach.
3) Using the Funk- When you use the Funk you can’t go wrong it’s almost like being on autopilot lol.

Social Media:
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