Real Gutta Music indie artist American Pride MagazineI challenge myself by evolving, never make the same mistakes twice every obstacle in life is a lesson or blessing that you learn from to make you or break you.” @realguttamusic

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I got my start in music…
back in 2001 freestyling over beats in front of large crowds of people. Realizing I could captivate people with my delivery music became a full time grind in 2003.

Setting Trends..
I’ve never been the type to do what everybody else does. I mean trends and styles come and go I stay in my lane do what’s been working stay true and deliver from the heart.

Creating music is…
simple I get into a comfort zone where there’s peace to gain tranquility let the beat talk to me and the lyrics flow naturally. As far as the music videos that’s more of team effort with me my manager JMac and the director that’s doing the treatment.

Real Gutta MusicI challenge myself…
by evolving, never make the same mistakes twice every obstacle in life is a lesson or blessing that you learn from to make you or break you.

I’m only afraid of…
self destruction winning the battle against your self is the most challenging task in life that’s why I’m my biggest critic.

I feel like it’s learning from past failures that mold you to be great. It’s not about how you fall it’s about how you get up to strive to be the best and stay motivated for success.

My overall goal is…
to gain global awareness on a grander scale! With life be better in all aspects  too see my kids grow to be responsible adults last but least keep striving for greatness.

1. Determination- Keeps my focus to never give up. All the blood sweat and tears towards music I’ve put out since 2003 is reminder to stay humble and keep pushing.
2.Consistency- Writing 3 songs a day can be very challenging at times finding a comfort zone to stay in with inanimate objects always in the way.  Nevertheless the creative juices keep flowing and the pen never stops writing.
3.Longevity- I’m well aware that achieving goals won’t manifest over night. I look back at my 12 year time line and say to myself wow I’ve evolved as a better artist, better man, better father etc etc. I’ve paid my dues overcoming obstacles to mold me to what I was born to become.

Real guttaJust Like You…
The single Like You is about the sexual appeal of a woman in the club that spectators are delighted to see! Fred Nice did a marvelous job on the vocals for the hook, once the song was sent to me I finish the verses in 10 minutes cause I really felt the song. (Buy the song:

San Antonio Texas..
I currently live in San Antonio Texas. Been here since 2011 I must say there’s alot of talent in San Antonio but the artist need to come together like Houston and Atlanta to get major recognition like those major markets. The Alamo, RiverWalk, and Sea World are fun attractions in San Antonio that I like to partake in.

Social Media…
Far as social media I take advantage of promoting my brand to a massive amount of followers on a global basis. I haven’t endured to many challenges on social media cause I promote music and if it’s not positive I don’t post it!

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