Indie Artist Adi from The Corridors on Raindrops

Indie Artist Adi from The Corridors on Raindrops

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“There is too much on trying being trendy out there… Best thing you can do is to be yourself…” @TheCorridors100

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by Jacqueline Jax

Finding at age 6 an old tape caste of Lennon singing “Mr. postman” and “From me to You”, the violent atmosphere I was exposed to as a child , the wrong teachers, general lack of fitting , the noises inside of me, the human insanity, because I felt the need to share things we all care for but never talk about. In that age I start playing on an old used classic guitar that had only 4 strings…at home nobody knew how to put the 2 other…

“Raindrops” is a special song…
The song contains that late small hours moment…coming on stormy night …loud founders as the flash of lightning creates images on the wall…she lays on her bed… her name is “Raindrops”…. I wrote it in two different countries… the verses in London and the choruses here in tell Aviv, when I first played it we felt, this is something else… (Download our albums free: )

Tell Aviv…
Originally I’m from Tell Aviv and like every main big city Tell Aviv got lots of small places to play and nice promenade you can walk along the shore… on the south side of the city there some great pubs and underground clubs I like hanging out…

Adi Mosko - The Corridors PR PIC   (2)Social media…
I really enjoying the social media , I met lots of friends , musicians, fans and heard lots of great other indie bands that really rock, its easy now to promote ideas , art and music reaching many listeners without the “industry” filters. We may be far in the distance but close to the things we love and friends we share from all over the world. The challenge is the daily maintenance update of the net pages, To bring interesting posts and pic for the fans.

I am influenced by…
Simple Minds, Springsteen, the Doors, Afghan Whigs…they all gave me great exiting moments with their songs… I once met personally “Pink Floyd” in London it was very exiting…we talk for an hour and I remember after that back home I start writing some songs that later become “The Corridors” first album.

Music Trends..
There is too much on trying being trendy out there… Best thing you can do is to be yourself… Feel your music and bring as interesting things to your music as you can…. trends and fashions are always changing, I mean when lots of people are connecting to something that’s a trend, but behind it…the sours of it is the songs and personality of the artist. As an artist, I feel the need to “shack the base” and to “break the old frames” to create new trends or different streams, I never do something just because it’s trendy now…

Putting together feelings into words and melody, Open ourselves and listeners imagination, To see beyond our personal pain.

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