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“Breaking my music as an independent artist without the backing that a major artist is a challenge, but I continue to push hard and stay focused on making my music heard and gain some requisition.” – @dixon_kerensky

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
It’s a tough business to beret into think but as an independence artist with the access of the internet and social media it’s thrilling.

My pros are giving the appreciation…
to music sharing sites such as ReverbNation, and now with podcast such as yourself my experience in the music industry has been prospered and getting recognition very quickly nationwide. My cons are only getting my music displayed locally as quickly being I’m living where the entertainment business has moved to Atlanta.

I’m overcoming the hurdles and pitfalls by…
networking with local DJ’S to have my music played at venues.

Social media…
You can express your thoughts or whatever you have globally and instantly which opens up more doors for discovery.

Breaking my music as an independent artist without the backing that a major artist is a challenge, but I continue to push hard and stay focused on making my music heard and gain some requisition.

Singles vs an album…
I prefer releasing singles to build fan’s anticipation which gives you time to be more creative from the reactions of the single you will know how to approach with the album. My strategy is simple stick to your fans give them what they have grown to love about you and stay consistent.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Dr.Dre.. because he is an icon in the music production industry I would have some insight on how music moves him.

I find that it is too much emphasis on being current and trendy…
simply because if you really listen to main stream music its sound the same to no disrespect to any artist.

I am most afraid of…..becoming bigger than I could ever imagine as far as with my music .

My personal definition of success is….
I record everything in my at home studio and for my music to be on your platform today, is a great achievement from in my point of view being honest.

My overall goals for my life and career are…… to just share my music to the people that can relate like it as much as I do no matter the size of the fan base.

3 ways that I challenge myself…

1) To always have my next single bigger and better than the previous one

2) To build a brand that is noticed locally as well as globally

3) To promote my brand as well as cousin’s brand, the “Marquis Caliph” shoes line and take Irene Minor Grandboy Recordings to the next level because at the end of the day to me it’s all about family and fans .

In high school I…
joined a concert band and became inspired by the way music moves people it’s full of emotion so I decided to pursue it.

Time of Your Life..
The story behind this song is basically showing a woman a good time the time of her life from a seductive prospective to the her life where she can have anything she desires. I was listening to the music and caught a feeling just started recording what I felt and a few days it was complete.

I’m trying to bring the story telling back to music. I make music that the average person can relate to, it’s not glamorization or too far fetch just everyday situations we all go through.

I live in Fairburn, GA…
A few minutes from Atlanta so The music scene is full of artistic people from all different genres. Different skills just blending. Any Open mic venue, such as Sweet Water Unplugged, The Free Style Experience , Apache Cafe and the Basement just to name a few. I really enjoy gong to venues to network, in this city you never know who you’re going to meet.

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