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“It’s an uphill climb to get noticed. It’s sad that many good Artists may never get any recognition of their music unless they get signed up by a major label so it can be a bit disappointing, however with the rise of the digital radio stations more good independent artists may have a chance. ” – Richie Thorpe

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW RICHIE THORPE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
I’d say it’s not an easy business to be in. It’s an uphill climb to get noticed. It’s sad that many good Artists may never get any recognition of their music unless they get signed up by a major label so it can be a bit disappointing, however with the rise of the digital radio stations more good independent artists may have a chance.

PROS – I’ve traveled extensively to places that I’d never had been and have had many great times through being a Musician. Playing music is a buzz and there is nothing to compare it to

CONS – There’s not guarantee to success.

I overcome the hurdles by…
Jumping higher and keeping an eye on the ground beneath my feet.

Social Media…
gets the news about fast and keeps you in touch with what is going on with the fans. I’d like to say at this point that I love digital radio as it has opened the closed door from the Simon Cowells of the Industry and the boy bands. It seems that Digital Radio brings to light the talent of the good unsigned Musicians that otherwise may never be discovered.

One big hurdle is…
Having to adapt to the rapidly change in technologies. I started recording analogue reel to reel tape recorders, editing by splicing the tape with the razor blade but I had to say some of the best studios in the world are still using reel to reel as the usual hard drive systems

I’d rather release an Album…
as it’s difficult to decide which song one prefers and also which song the public will like. Previously we had to pay marketing and promotion people whereas now we are able to help ourselves thanks to the media and technology. This probably started earlier in the USA but the UK is getting there with Europe and the rest of the world in tow.

I came from a musical family…
There was always a piano in the house. My Mum played and sang (standards). Her Dad was a band Leader and Trumpet player; her brother played the violin in the same dance Orchestra. Somehow I got hold of a ukulele banjo, later progressing to a 5 string banjo, finally moving on to guitar. My older brother was already a good guitar player. He liked the Standards and so taught me the bar chords of Bd, Eb and F, ect. to back his lead playing, instead of me getting stuck on the open chords of A, D and E. It was challenging. We played in a competition and later I toured the London Night Clubs with my brother’s band.

I am most afraid of…
Not to be able to continue using both hands to play instruments through any kind of an accident.

My personal definition of success is…
writing the music score and conducting a 34-piece orchestra in one of the main studios in London for some of my own compositions. I believe that this was quite unique and I can’t think of anyone I know who has written, performed and orchestrated a project – though there must be some who have. Although commercial success was not achieved, it was a personal success.

My overall goal for my life & career is…
To be known, respected and remembered as a good Musician and song composer and have one or more of my songs used in a general released movie picture.

3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) Constantly putting together songs for my next Album.

2) Keeping up with music practise on guitar and piano and trying to improve every day.

3) Keeping my eyes and ears open for new songs ideas.

The story is about the positive side of Colombia as I experienced while visiting. The wonderful places I saw, the pleasant time I had there and the lovely people I met.

In London, I met and fell in love with a Colombian beauty. We got hooked up quite quickly, so I traveled with her to Colombia to meet the rest of the family and learn a bit about her country. We stayed in South America for 3 months, also visiting Peru and Ecuador. When we returned to London, I wrote the song ‘Colombia’.

A friend of mine who played Sax and is on one of the Album’s tracks ‘Dead End Street’ likes to play jokes; I had just purchased a new recording mixer for the studio. I was a bit unfamiliar with the controls. While playing back a finished track, without me noticing, he pressed the DIM button, which takes the volume down to 10% of its level. I thought the mixer had broken and got really worried and then he pressed the button again and we could hear the track burst into life.


I most of all would like to gain respect and recognition for…
the playing and arranging of my music, since I had dedicated a lot of my life to it. I’d like to think that there are some good songs that people can relate to, as all of them have a kind of story behind them. I’d be also happy if any internationally well-known Artist would wish to cover any of them.

Another dream for me would be to have at least one of my songs played in a big Film Production as I think some of them are appropriate for the Film Industry.

I’m marketing my music by trying to get plays on as many World wide Radio Stations as possible, Digital and Mainstream and by making it available through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, You Tube and Media i.e. twitter, Facebook and others.


I live in a suburb of London called Enfield…
If I want to go to see a named band, I travel to the Centre; usually I would go to the Hammersmith Odeon or Wembley. There is also the O2. There’re a short distance away. In Enfield itself, there are only pubs, bars. There’s a Band called the Old Stars featuring different ex-name musicians who play weekly in one of the local pubs or I can visit a very nice friendly Jazz Club in the country side on the outside of Enfield.

There is a place in the country side…
nearby called High Beech. It’s high up on top of a hill surrounding Enfield and part of Epping Forest where there are big old trees to climb on and swing on. I go there often with my wife and two young sons who are also good musicians or we drive to a nearby river and go for walks or bike rides. Sometimes, we drive to one of the near sea sides called Clacton which has a Pier.

When at home, I often jam with my wife on Bass and my two young sons 13 and 15 who play the drums, Sax and Piano and also sing in the Live room of my Studio.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
Scotty Moore -To be able to ask him about early recordings and equipment he used. I admire him because Scotty is one of the early guitar influences of mine that is still around amongst my list of greats from the past i.e. Cliff Gullop, Les Paul, Ched Adkins , Djiango Rhienjart and Jimmy Hendrix.

It seems to me that this is more apparent in the UK. I have tended not to take too much notice of trends and I’d say they don’t seem as important in the USA. The emphasis there I think is more on quality and taste; recognising good lyrics, strong melodies and good arrangements. In fact, a well written song nicely recorded and produced.

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