We feel that the music industry has…
the power to free your soul or to crush it and that it is all dependent on the people and companies you trust. There are wonderful people in the industry and wonderfully selfish people in the industry and telling the difference is a none to easy task. – Something Like Sound @slsofficialpage

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Ryan Martin (Guitarist, Composer, Band Leader) Aria Samone (Lead Vocalist) Phil “Clem” Clemson (Bassist and Rap Vocalist) Angelo Karakasis Jr, (Drummer) and Lucas Stambaugh (Hand Percussionist)

My favorite music quote…
 I would have to say it’s from my favorite lyricist, Buddy Nielson of Senses Fail in the song “Vines”…. “When your life is a building that you’ve made with mistakes, you’ve got to start from the top or be crushed by the weight, of the brick and the mortar that you founded on faith, if your foundation is cracked than your façade is a waste, so don’t spend so much your time wasting water on withering vines, when your dying on the inside and there’s a dessert in your mind”.

We feel that the music industry has…
the power to free your soul or to crush it and that it is all dependent on the people and companies you trust. There are wonderful people in the industry and wonderfully selfish people in the industry and telling the difference is a none to easy task.

Our pros are obvious…
Our experience’s and the people whose lives we’ve touched with our music and the joy we get out of playing music and doing what we love. The cons are quite large which is surprising to most. Most don’t understand the hard work involved when you self produce. All the constant hours of work in promoting, advertising, producing, booking, looking for opportunities, representing ourselves can be taxing on the soul. Our expenses also take a toll on a band who is just as broke as talented and turning any kind of profit is not easy at all, thank god we don‘t do it for the money or fame. The ins and outs and mental stress can become a bit much but it’s all worth it 100% for the love of music.

I must say although singles make it much easier to focus…
advertising and increase popularity of a set song as well as requiring less prep I think it’s albums that get the best results all around. We have received much more opportunities and actual sales from our debut album release “Mortalis” than we ever have from our singles, however we do have much higher streaming numbers online for all of our singles than we do for individual songs from an album. I think it all depends on your situation and what kind of attention you are needing at the moment.

Social media is…
one of the best tools for our band promotion. It really lets you reach out to your fans and find new ones. Much of our hype is all built from social media and other forms of online out-reach. Although it can be tricky and hard to keep up with it can also be a most valuable tool for fans, venues and opportunities!

Oh god I’m sure we will all give different answers to this on…
I’d love to have or to have had 5 minutes alone with almost all of my idols including Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Jackson Browne, Thomas Erak of The Fall Of Troy, Buddy Nielson of Senses Fail, Jimi Hendrix, Jonny Craig (specifically Emarosa era) Flea from RHCP, Jimmy Page Led Zepplin, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton, the list would go on and on and I know I couldn’t pick just one… I’ll let other members speak for themselves for this question.

I do think there is a little too much emphasis on…
having to represent your self as this cool and trendy perfect person instead of drawing attention in by being yourself and being unique. The world kind of follows fads so your kind of forced in to it whether you like it or not if you want to keep yourself current.
I myself had a very self motivated start to my music career…
back in early High School. Around 9th grade I started playing guitar and trying to get into the industry as a way to channel my creativity. I definitely credit my mother and her side of the family for giving me inspiration as there was a lot of musical talent in her family. I went through many bands throughout my earlier years and finally started getting serious with it with the time I spent with my old band The Phoenix Bridge. I credit them for giving me a thirst for as much knowledge and do-it-yourself know how as my brain can hold. I started Something Like Sound with entirely new to the industry members, giving most of them their first opportunity to play in a band. They have always been talented but never had the chance to put their minds to work in a band. Aria has been singing for years on a non-professional level but on the other hand Phil had just barely picked up a bass when I picked him up, but he had always rapped for fun. I think we all seen the potential in each other and under a little guidance from my prior experience we were all able to come together and do something different as we have hardcore music junkies of different genres from a young age.


Taylor’s Song…
Taylor’s Song is probably the most emotionally charged of the entire album. You see Taylor Ryan was a close friend of the majority of the band. We could go on and on with crazy stories about the damn kid and how he always found a way of either cheering us all up or pissing us all off. He was also a part of the creation of SLS’s earlier singles as he found a way of helping us with mixing and then immediately passing out drunk on our floor. One day we got news that no person wants to receive… Our friend that practically lived off the long board that he rode absolutely everywhere had been struck by a car on his ride home. Obviously we were grief struck… He had been such a major part of the extended friend group and he was just one of those guys who was friends with everyone and it kind of threw our whole lives out of whack for awhile. Attending his funeral we decided that the only thing a group of musicians could do was write a song. It was in the making for months because we found it so hard to find the right words to say and make it as perfect as we wanted it to be. In the end this is what we came up with, although as perfectionists we all will never feel as if this song is fully complete. Besides for this song, we dedicated the entirety of the album to Taylor with the blessing of his family. Actually the ghostly image that appears on our cover is from one of our favorite photos of him and his dog.
Taylor’s Song was recorded much like the rest of our music, part by part and instrument by instrument. As the majority of us don’t come from much money, people would be horribly shocked if they seen what minimal equipment most of our album was produced with.

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“Mortalis” is an album for…
the true music fan that provides a little bit of everything and wraps it all up in a unique manner. You will not find this album to have one bit of predictability as it is ever evolving and genre defying. You really won’t know really what to expect next other than the fact that it won’t be more of the same. It deals with topics such as the grimness of death and the beauty of life, intending to give the listener more than just a catchy tune but something to think about as well. We are really hoping that our music can help span a bridge from catchy pop tunes to deep seeded lyrics and aggressively intellectual song writing.

Something Like Sound – Part of newly formed indie label Broken Vinyl Studios, run by Ryan Martin

Current Line Up
Ryan Martin: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Composer
Aria Samone: Lead Vocals
Phil (Clem) Clemson: Bass Guitar and Rap Vocals
Angelo Karakasis Jr: Drums
Lucas Stambaugh: Hand Percussion
Brandon (Boots) Perkins: Guitar

Some of us come from other locations such as Media and Phoenixville, PA but the band is based in Norristown, PA located in the Philadelphia area. As for Norristown, there isn’t much of a music scene to talk about. We have some local places we play at and we go to Rotation Records for some parts of our recording that we don’t do with our company Broken Vinyl Studios. On the other hand, Philadelphia’s music scene is just wonderful. A plethora of local joints and huge venues to play at with a really strong and deep routed history. Between the TLA, Voltage, The Grape Room, The Trocadero, venues on South Street, etc. we have a wonderful scene that really supports local music. We have no complaints of the industry inside the city outside of a few venues that take advantage of the healthy industry.
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Instagram: https://www.instagramcom/Something_Like_Sound