The Music industry is very cut throat. I feel like Hip Hop is a very hard genre to break in VS other genres like POP, EDM, or Rock. I have no pro’s nor cons about the music industry because I am still a young independent musician trying to break my way into the industry @Roboticink

Live Interview
Episode #397

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ROLGUNZ
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio



The Music industry is very cut throat.
I feel like Hip Hop is a very hard genre to break in VS other genres like POP, EDM, or Rock. I have no pro’s nor cons about the music industry because I am still a young independent musician trying to break my way into the industry. I feel like I can have a more detailed answer next time we have this converse after I worked with Kanye West or Dr. Dre.

I would like to have 5 mins alone with Jay-Z
because to me he is an individual who took the time to master his craft of music and took the time to master the business side of music. I know hip hop music is really cut throat and I know Music is really 80/20. 80% Business and 20% Music, I would like the time to Produce for him and work with him as an intern or something. It’s always good to learn something new, we can always learn something new in life that’s what makes us Human. That’s what makes is grow.

Miss me tomorrow

“Miss me tomorrow” is a song about 2 battles in my life. Love and Addiction.
The song is a mixture of heartache anybody experience when they are in a committed relationship with their significant other for a very long time, and feelings of doubt rise within that relationship.

Letting go of friendship’s that always seems to turn into trouble.

On the other hand, the song is a reminder of me giving up my drug use “Marijuana”.
Life experience and events occurred in my life that really made me make a decision on quitting. Throughout my life, I was very open hearted but always had the lack of self-confidence to pursue my happiness. I always was talented since the beginning of time you can say. Everything I know I learned on my own. Surrounding yourself with people who you think are your friends and saying goodbye to all the bull that they bring.

“Hook” (As the day goes by/ Let the day go BYE/ Can I see you tomorrow/ Hope you really miss me…
I hope you really missed me… You may never see you tomorrow??)

The hook is a reminder that time do not stand still for anybody,
You can watch the day go by thinking about how life could have been if you would have made different decisions growing up. That’s when you have to tell the ones you care for GOODBYE and learn to let go. You see yourself in the mirror telling your old life that I won’t miss you because you may never see tomorrow If you continue down the path of pain and sorrow.

I write all my music and I record myself all in my crib,
sometimes I go to the studio if necessary. I can go on for days on how I started with music. For me, it was at the age of 8 in Church. After high school, I taught myself Piano and from there on I ran with it. Music that is.

You can expect a lot more personal venting.
Remember I am a Music producer 1st. My first rap mixtape was literally over 10 years ago I call it a lost file.

Last year in 2015 is when I dropped my first mixtape after so many years,
the confidence to get behind the mic really came after my Father passed in late 2011. “Rouge Scholar” was the name of the mixtape.

The first mixtape was more of a “GET BACK” my lyrical content.
I had to get back use to song-writing after I took a vacation from it and fully pursued my Music Production career.

My second mixtape “Rouge Scholar 2: Red nation”
was a booster in confidence to continue to make musical content for the masses after receiving a lot of good feedback. That came out in the beginning of 2016.

And now, I am currently working on my 3rd mixtape
which I am expecting to be done by the end of this year 2016, if not first month of 2017. “Rouge Scholar 3: Diamantes De Sangre”

Diamantes De Sangre means “Blood Diamond” In Spanish.
The Reason why I picked that title. It came to me after seeing how Life is around the world when it comes to materialist values with humanity. The Violence with our youth when it comes to Shoes or anything materialistic, people are quick to steal, lie and kill for self-needs.
Police Violence against the youth and minority and the lies displayed within our Government.

I really feel personal with this album.
It’s one thing to rap and rhyme words. But if you do not have content that brings attention or awareness to your plate, I believe it will be pointless.


I live in Washington D.C., But I was born in Takoma Park MD,
The music scene is very vast with a lot of talent in a pot. It is just very hard to get that talent heard because America views Washington DC as a political District not a talent pool like Atlanta, NY, FL or CALI. But its all good we inspire each other through genuine music.

We are home to a genre that people can quite grasp yet
“GO GO” a mixture of Soul – Jazz and Hip Hop.

Go-go is a popular music subgenre associated
with funk that originated in the Washington, D.C., area during the mid-60s to late-70s.

Some Cool places to visit is Downtown the heart of Washington DC
where the First “Africa American museum” just recently open and there are over 100 + museums to visit here in the District. In Silver Spring, MD just a couple miles away from DC is home of the “DISCOVERY CHANNEL”. Now we are Welcoming home in the DMV – District, Maryland and Virginia the brand new “MGM Casino” set to open 12/8/2016. So we are very active and full with activities.


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