Stop trying to fit a mold and make it your own. We create pieces at home. Bring it to the studio and then we all put the pieces together as a group. We’re definitely moving in a fast positive direction and that’s the same feeling you get when listening to this song!

Band Name: Shoot the Rooster
Mark Riley (Guitar)
Trevor Booms (bass and vocals)
Dustin Stier (drums and vocals)
Person Interviewing: Dustin Stier

The last month we have focused on writing more originals and have been playing gigs like crazy!  The biggest challenge we have had is trying to fit everything into our schedule. And we have overcome it by just doing it. Making personal time sacrifices is a part of making great music. It’s just something you gotta do if you’re making music your career. 

Since last April we have had many many more gigs and fans. Random people coming up to us and congratulating us on the work we are doing.  We feel very optimistic about the music business in this day and age. It’s very easy now for independent artists to get their music promoted and shared on a wide range for little cost.
Our latest track “Went to Hell” is available on ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Napster, Tidal, and several other music streaming sites.

How do you stay focused and balance creating with life:
Music is our release. We’re able to stay focused because we love what we do. And things have been steadily accelerating as far as exposure and better venues the last year so that has kept us going too.
We live in Michigan. The music scene here is diverse and talented! 
We create pieces at home then it’s all brought into the studio where it becomes a more completed piece. All the fine tuning is done and perfected before it’s finally released.
Song name: Avalanche
Genre: Rock

Our music is an extension of our souls. We’re definitely moving in a fast positive direction and that’s the same feeling you get when listening to this song!  This song was written in about 11 minuets. Mark lead off with a guitar riff. When I added my drum line it took flight. Then Trevor’s thunderous bass brought everything together. After our first time playing it through Trevor said it felt like an avalanche. Then right there on the spot he made up the lyrics.


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