Shadow has a deeper meaning which I hope a lot of listeners can relate to. Like many of my songs, it focuses on dreams and ambitions, but it’s about the hidden things which can hold you back that can’t be seen from the onlooker.

Band Name: Iain Mundy
Person Interviewing: Iain Mundy

 “It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get.” Arnold Palmer

Three things I have learned this past year:
1. There are so many amazing musicians out there who deserve to be heard, the problem is getting your music heard by the right people.
2. The importance of social media has become a real focus for me. I didn’t realize how many opportunities it can bring into a musicians life.
3. How vital it is to listen to as much music as possible. The more music you discover and love, the more little influences you’ll have when writing.

This year I’m really looking forward to pushing on with promoting this EP, and hopefully getting out there playing more as well as seeing what new songs I can come up with. Aside from music? I’m getting married in just over a year so that’s a biggie and all the planning is very exciting.
Song name: Shadow
Music Genre:: Pop, Singer-Songwriter
I’ve always been encouraged by my family to do what I love, so I think they definitely rank at the top of my influences. I’ve got huge respect for people like Ed Sheeran who’ve risen to the top through their own determination and dedication. Apart from that I’m just encouraged by artists whose music I really love.
My songwriting process can vary from tune to tune, I’ve not got one method. Sometimes a melody will come to me and I’ll sit down and work out some chords, sometimes it will take a good progression or riff to inspire a melody, and sometimes I’ll start with the lyrics as this can often result in a different kind of song.

I’ll either write my songs on guitar or piano and usually whack everything on Sibelius and add the other parts if it’s going to be quite a big production number. After that, it’s to the studio where I’ll probably end up changing a few things anyway.

I’m a 25-year-old Scottish musician from Edinburgh. After leaving school I spent four years studying trumpet playing in Manchester, only to come out and decide to pursue singing and songwriting instead! When working as a bartender down in England back in 2016 I came across Wobbly Music and, after releasing my first single with them that year, we then went on to record a four-track EP. “The Tide” was subsequently born and hit the online stores in July 2018. My day job consists of a lot of traveling, so you could find me anywhere in Scotland during the week, except maybe the islands! Pubs and bars feature quite frequently too…
This past month I have focused on having brought out “The Tide” just over a month ago from writing this, I’ve just been focusing on getting it out there in every possible way. Social media is such a ridiculously huge platform so it’s been a big focus, and after building up more of a following the plan is to get out there gigging more frequently.
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