TRONIK: With all due respect to the country music scene
and reputation our city has earned and been stigmatized with. It’s also this smothering stereotype that has been a motivating factor for artists like ourselves from this city @streetpound

Live Interview 
Episode #367 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


TRONIK: With all due respect to the country music scene
and reputation our city has earned and been stigmatized with. It’s also this smothering stereotype that has been a motivating factor for artists like ourselves from this city.

LUCK: If you notice, Young Buck, Malaki 3D, M.A.C.,
Fluid Outrage, ourselves and others from here have a natural chip on our shoulders from being over looked and sidelined for so long. But ever since Buck did his thing and expressed the grimy underground of the city on a worldwide level. The door to the industry is at least cracked for the rest of us to kick in.

Lo$ta: If you ever in our town,
you’ll notice everyone loves our football team the Titans. Our favorite night spots are Bar Louie’s, Lime Light, Jazzy Sensations, Agenda, the WKND, Indian Queen, and the Complex.

LUCK: It’s a love/hate relationship.
Sort of like a marriage or a long-term relationship. Sometimes it can be so rewarding and appreciative. And other times it can turn on you like a snake and bite you in the ass. Even when things are going well. You must maintain your guard, cultivate and nurture your relationships with certain people, and never think you know so much…that you can’t learn more.

TRONIK: Ya dig!

Lo$ta: Nuff said!

LUCK: Celebrity!
Remember, we’ve been on the scene in our city for awhile now.

TRONIK: Yeah. And a part of history making events too.

Lo$ta: They know us! When we go places in the city
its usually the red carpet treatment. We don’t stand in line. Security know us and look out for us. Restaurants we frequent give us first class treatment…

LUCK: But on the other hand, Celebrity can be a double-edge sword also.
Because now all of your homies that’s seeing you rise doing your thing…start to develop an overwhelming amount of envy, jealousy, animosity, and even hate. Therein lies the pro and the con…celebrity.

TRONIK: Don’t dwell on negatives! Negative thoughts yield negative results!
Surrounding yourself with negative people…same thing!

LUCK: We all have, or have had, our obstacles in life.
I’ve never been a “woe is me” type of person. I find motivation to succeed everywhere. There’s always someone having it harder than you…that’s motivation! And those that are doing their thing and succeeding inspire me to climb and step my game up too!

Lo$ta: Real talk! I paid my debt to society! 8 yrs Fed time!
So unless you walked on those concrete floors behind those bar doors. Don’t talk to me about losing it all and getting it back. I’m living testimony. Stay positive. Believe in yourself. And be willing to stand on faith.

TRONIK: My daddy. Because he was taken from me much too soon.
And everything I am I get from him. Right to this day, he still motivates me, inspire me, and I can’t think of anybody else on this planet I admire more than him.

Lo$ta: My mama. I was the baby. She died a few years ago.
And it still feels like yesterday. She was a strong woman. She endured loving me through all of my negative years and growing pains. Now that I can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I wish she was here so when I reach it…I could spoil her the way she deserves.

LUCK: My homeboy Scooby. He passed away to a heart attack several years ago.
He was a radio personality in my city. I was one of the first to welcome him to my town. And even though the person who brung us together moved away. We still formed a strong bond. He supported me through my many growing pains in the promoting game and beyond. He saw something in me and never seemed to give up hope in my endeavors. He was like that guy that keep watching you strike out…but keep supporting you and cheering you on as if he knows your homerun is coming! That was Scoob.

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LUCK: We’ve all had various experiences and backgrounds
in the music field over the years. I was not only an artist but a concert and event promoter. My company was called The Entertainment Connection. I’ve booked acts ranging from everyone including Ashanti, Yin Yang Twins, Dip Set, Floetry, to Jermaine Dupree, Bun-B, 50 Cent, and G-Unit. My passion for music runs long and deep.

TRONIK: I have been an elite producer on the local level in my city for years.
With credits on a number of major projects deriving from the top artists in Nashville. Some projects included collaborations with such artists as Webbie, Lil Boosie, Hurricane Chris, Fabo (from D4L), and G-Unit/Nashville’s own Young Buck to name a few. But my love and affection for music started when I was young. I was a drummer in the band. That’s actually how me and Luck met. And we’ve been brothers ever since.

Lo$ta: I came up listening to the Cash Money Millionaires, T.I.’s,
Biggie Smalls…thinking, Man if I ever got me a chance to showcase my god given ability to write and create songs and hooks!!! Well, I joined up with Luck and Tronik…who was at the time promoting and producing for a record label in our city making major noise, G.L.U.W. ent, and the name of the artist was Cashville’s ACE. He had a joint called Keys To The Chevy.

LUCK: Yes. It was a major effort but we pushed that single
thru clubs and radio all thruout the southeast US and beyond. Even went to New York City and brung home the 1st place trophy for BET’s Blaze The Stage. And eventually, the single hit #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. But from there things started to spiral down as the CEO suddenly had a change of heart and became a preacher. And of course, didn’t want to be involved in secular music anymore. Who can argue with God?
TRONIK: And so the three of us came together to form Street Pound Productions. Which was really in the making and being discussed before G.L.U.W. ent came along.

Tip’n 2 Slow (ft. Lo$ta, BADazz LUCK, & Diamond)

LUCK: The story behind this single is both serious and hilarious at the same time.

Lo$ta: Yes it is. This song was actually birthed by a dancer/stripper.

LUCK: We were at a strip club in Huntsville AL.
Promoting the Chevy song we spoke of from ACE. And while we were there having a drink near the stage…we noticed a scene straight from a comedy skit.

Lo$ta: It was a dancer on stage working her ass off!
And two clowns with about literally $4 (four one dollar bills). Teasing her endlessly for that lil cash. lol

LUCK: Finally, she got so tired and said…”Y’all fools gotta go…Y’all tip’n to slow”.
We looked at each other and busted out laughin at first! But then, we realized that every dancer, in every club, of every race, in every city, in every country, around the world are, or have, experienced moments like that.

TRONIK: This song is for them!

Lo$ta: Fosho!

LUCK: But the odd thing that we didn’t realize
when we begun the campaign with this single was…the affection that the slogan would receive from people that work in service industry jobs, such as waitors/waitresses, valets, bartenders…you know other people that live on “tips”. We started a t-shirt campaign with our phrase “U Tip’n 2 Slow” and the response was overwhelming, especially from these workers. Now we’ve trademarked and are currently in the process of marketing merchandise with this slogan.

TRONIK: I can tell you this much!
Don’t get used to just hearing strip club songs from us! Lol

Lo$ta: Exactly! We have more heat in store for our fans.
Fast tempo, slow tempo, EDM, R&B, Inspirational…

LUCK: Yes! Just stay tuned! Our next release is such a monster…
we can’t even leak it. But just know EVERYBODY’S DOING IT! At the club, at the park, in their home, in the streets, at arenas, stadiums, sporting events, restaurants…its so simple and common that other artists will be like “why didn’t I think of that?”

TRONIK: We definitely want to be associated and known for nothing but HITS!


Lo$ta: Nashville, TN
…which we prefer to call Cashville TN.