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Love Your Life And Live It. I would like to accomplish giving people the love for jazz and the appreciation of the arts. It is important to all of us to really listen, understand and have feelings about music. – @suzannegrzanna

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My parents are musicians…
As a very young girl, I would always see my father performing around the city. I had aspirations of performing since that time. My Mother also taught me piano lessons and I competed in many competitions and won awards in classical music. My sisters and brothers also played the piano. In fifth grade, I started the clarinet and in seventh grade I started the saxophone. I was in Band, Jazz Band, and Choir all throughout High School.

The Cat’s Meow…

I wrote the song “The Cat’s Meow” because of a funny noise my friend used to make. At that time, I was driving to Chicago a lot and wrote the song while I was making the long drive from Milwaukee to Chicago. This became the title track of my first CD called “The Cat’s Meow.” I also recorded a music video of the song. It was filmed in Chicago, IL and has a flare of the 40’s jazz scene.

I would like to accomplish…
giving people the love for jazz and the appreciation of the arts. It is important to all of us to really listen, understand and have feelings about music. This helps us relate to each other through music.
Suzanne Grzanna

I live in Milwaukee – Chicago area…
I perform around the area and also have a steady gig at The Packing House Restaurant. I am also planning a tour to other cities around the United States. One fun thing I like to do other than music is kickboxing.

Music Business…
I feel that there is a lot of work to do in the Music Business but is also exciting because the opportunities are endless.

I am over coming the hurdles and pitfalls by believing in my music. I love to create music. I know in order to be successful in the Music Industry I need to stay focused on my goal of sharing my love of jazz and the appreciation of the arts to all people.

I am planning on releasing my first single in 2016…
I have only released albums and I think it is a great idea to give each song attention instead of having all of the songs released at the same time.

Social Media…
I like all of the endless opportunities a musician has with social media. It is great to connect with fans from all over the world with a click of a button.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with Clive Davis…
I admire his ambition and love for music. It would be great to get “Words of Wisdom” from Mr. Davis.

The Music…
I feel I found what my genre was right away. Being trendy is just a clothes style…music can last forever.

My favorite inspirational quote is… “Love Your Life And Live It.”

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