David Carpenter indie artist“Every step of life has a new challenge, a new confusion to try to understand and see through.” – @TheVelvetAxeMan

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The music business is just that…
If your wanting to play music for fun stay out of the “Business”.
Your body of music will be cherry picked, you will receive false flattery, looked down on, mis-led, taken advantage of, and lied to. This is truth – buyer beware.

What pros and cons have you experienced…
Pro: I have been able to record and perform live with Gold Record artist and writers.
Con: There are people who want to take things from you giving nothing in return.

Over coming the hurdles and pitfalls…
God helps me, constantly, …….don’t think too much of yourself, the higher you elevate yourself the further you fall, it will knock the breath out of you. When people flatter you don’t believe it.

Social media…
makes it very easy to communicate and stay in touch. The real challenge is in having something of depth, worth, and value to say.

Every step of life has a new challenge, a new confusion to try to understand and see through.

Singles vs an album…
Every breath leads to the next breath. A single can be a sample of things to come, but don’t let it be your last breath, let the single be the doorway into to your world – the Album.

Because it’s the way life is …
to leave one place is to go to another,.. If you release one single, eventually there will be the next, and then the next, so, aren’t you forming an album, even if it takes all of you life?
I support both, but I prefer Albums. Them seem to carry more weight, and you can always pull a single from it as in this case. This is easily accomplished in Digital Land.

Do you find that there is to much emphasis on being current and trendy…
There are two things you can never go wrong with. At the Core, if there is Basic, and Classic, you can hang whatever dressing on it you wish. Remember, “Trendy” goes away, what is solid remains.

At the age of ten I was…
riding in the back seat of a blue and white 1955 Chevy Belair in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.
My dad was listening to a country music radio station when a fast song came on. The lead guitarist took a solo and and set it on fire. When it was over I threw myself back in my seat and said to my Mom and Dad, “I want to that”! “That” is what I’ve been trying to do ever since.

Song name: Cities Child, from the album “Devonshire -an out of order anthology, volume 1”
The environment we are born into has a lot to do with our outlook on life and how we perceive the world. The song Cities Child reflects the inner city disillusionment of a child, caused by the contrast between what we are told and what we actually see, and the confusion this causes.
I was raising two young daughters whose mother had died of cancer. Working a straight job, I would work all day, come home and check their homework, prepare dinner for us, spend time with them, give them baths, get them in bed, pray with them, and then go back downstairs and set up my amps, get the recording board and guitars ready, and continue working on my album Devonshire. My daughters always fell asleep hearing my amps blaring from downstairs as I recorded the next set of tracks for the album.
At this pace, the eleven song, thirty-two minute album took years to complete and my daughters entire teen years are encapsulated within this album.

Yes, years of life, …many birthdays, Christmas’, …trying to be the musician, the engineer, the producer, the writer, playing lead solos only to discover that I didn’t press the record foot-switch, etc… I don’t know how many times I fired myself. I’m lucky to still have a job.

The Song, full album, as well as all links are available at https://www.reverbnation.com/davidcarpenter5

David Carpenter indie music coverYou can expect my music to be…
real, not full of gimmicks, not trying too hard to get the next big pop hit, But rather music with a relaxed feel, and real life content. It’s here for you listen to and enjoy in some way. The album encompasses the feelings of aloneness we have as children and as adults, the love’s we have lost and yet the love we still have, the feelings of being stranded, and the greatness of a loving God we can lean on through it all.
Devonshire – An out of order anthology, volume 1 is currently being sold on iTunes, Amazon MP3, google play, Spotify, and all of these and more may be accessed individually or through reverbnation.

David Carpenter indie music

I live in Florence, SC..
The music scene is on the rise.
Places to go? No matter where we go, I always want to go home.
Tell me about one fun thing you like to do that can be music or non-music related.
Spending time with my wife and family, because it involves Love!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I would like five minutes alone with Jesus. However, if it must be music related then I would say Paul McCartney. At this point, I would think the reasons why would be oblivious.

I am most afraid of…
Leaving this earth and there being absolutely no lasting evidence that I was ever here.

My personal definition of success is..
Being able to understand who formed you, why your here, to be able to leave this world having a good name with your soul intact, leaving a record of your faithfulness behind as a guide to others.

As I mentioned earlier, the recording process for Devonshire was a monumental effort lasting years.
A huge portion of my soul is caught up within the album. If you really want to understand why, simply listen to it in its thirty two minute entirety. If “your” life were summed up within thirty two minutes, what would it be like?

My over all goal for my life & career is…
this was answered by question 13, one of my favorite numbers.

3 Ways that I challenge myself and how each one moves me forward towards my goal.
1) Have I met with God today? – don’t steer others down a wrong path.
2) Have I tried to look at myself the way He sees me? – other people see you too.
3) Am I conducting myself correctly? – navigating life, am I using my compass correctly?

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